Crimson Waters – Chapter 6

by Jun 5, 2004Stories

She looked at him and smiled. She walked over to him and bowed.

“Greetings, Elf friend.” She said. She was an Elf too. She was the most beautiful Elf Legolas had ever seen. Her hair was golden, like his. It was braided into tiny braids. In each braid she had woven into it leaves or grass. Her dress was a soft green, the color of grass. Her eyes, a sky blue, stared into his. He felt lightheaded as he looked at this beautiful Elf. Stop acting so stupid, he thought to himself. “You don’t see many Elves nowadays. They have all gone to Valinor. Why are you here? What is your name?” The beautiful Elf asked him. Legolas took a deep breath.

“My name is Legolas. What is your name? Can I trust you?” he asked her. She smiled.

“I am called Marian. Yes, you can trust me. Lady Galadriel trusted me. Are you Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood?” she asked him. He nodded.

” Yes, I am the Prince of Mirkwood. The prophecy, Crimson Waters, has come true. I have come to fulfill the prophecy. I am here to gather an army.” He said softly. Her reaction was startling. Her eyes went wide and she grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently.

“Crimson Waters has come true! Are you sure? Are you positive?” She shouted.

“Yes!!!” He shouted as she shook him. She stopped shaking him. She took a deep breath.

“Follow me.” She said sharply. He shrugged and followed her. He thought he was fit, but she had him gasping for breath. They walked into a small house. She walked over to a small table and wordlessly pointed at a chair. He sat in it. She went over and poured him a hot drink. She poured herself a cup, and then said, “Tell me.”

So he told her the whole story and she listened, sipping the drink. When he had finished she sat there, staring into space. He looked at her, his heart beating. She was so beautiful

“Well, judging from what you have said, I’m guessing that you don’t have a plan about what to do next.” She said finally. He shook his head. ” Well, we should go to Rivendell. There are still some Elves there. Elladan and Elrohir are still there. ” She said.

“Yes! Rivendell, of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” he said.

“Because the Valar did not mean for you to. They wanted you to find me. I am going to come with you to Rivendell. Now come, you have not slept in a while. Come rest.” She led him over to a small bed and he laid down, suddenly realizing how exhausted he was. He laid his head on his arms and fell asleep.


Marian watched Legolas sleep. He looked so handsome when he was asleep. Then again, he looked handsome all the time. She remembered the look in his eyes when he first saw her. All the men had that look in their eyes when they saw her. She made a face. That was one reason that she had decided to live out here, alone. It got tiring, when all of the men followed you around with an infatuated look in their eyes. So she had lived out here for 1,000 years and she was going to go back to Rivendell. She wondered what they would say. She had no doubt that they remembered her. The only reason that she would go back was because of Crimson Waters. Well, maybe because of Legolas. She had never seen anyone so handsome. Well, actually she had, but he was a terrible coward and liar and cheat. Her whole body tightened at the remembrance of him. Then she banished the thought of him. Legolas was not like that, if his stories were true. Well, she would find out, since she was going with him.

“Wake up, Legolas, wake up.” Her soft voice said to him. He blinked his eyes groggily. Marian’s face smiled over him. He sat up.

“How long have I slept?” he asked.

“About 8 hours. While you were asleep I packed food. We are ready to go. Come on!” She said brightly. He sighed. He got up and took the pack she handed him. They began to walk. He followed her. She chattered on about the things along the path. She never talked about her life before here and he wondered why. Slowly he began to talk back. By the end of the day they were talking animatedly. She took him to a streambed where they drank and ate.

“We covered many miles. We will leave the forest tomorrow.” She told him. He nodded and laid down. She laid down next to him and she fell asleep. But Legolas could not sleep. He got up and began to walk around the woods near their campsite. Suddenly something grabbed him from behind. He was swung around to face a band of Orcs.

“We got one of them.” The leader snarled. “Get the girl!”

Hehe! I like cliffies!! Hope you liked it! I’ll try to post soon so no one dies! Comment please!!!!!!


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