Crimson Waters – Chapter 5

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Legolas ran as fast as he could for the palace. He burst in and was surprised that no one challenged him. Then he realized that no one was there. They were all fighting. Tears streamed down his face as he fully comprehended how many people he knew would die. He slowly walked down to the storeroom and packed a bag of food for his journey.

” Legolas?” a voice said from behind him. He whirled around and was surprised to see Frodo there. He was pale and sweating. He tried to move across the room to Legolas but he staggered and fell. Legolas ran over and caught him as he fell.

” Frodo? What happened?” he asked.

“You’ve been gone for two weeks. We feared that you were dead. Orcs attacked and I was injured. They would not let me fight, and I had to stay here with the others that are injured. Have you seen the battle?” he asked weakly. Legolas gasped. Two weeks? He thought it had only been one night.

” Yes. And it does not go well. Listen. There is a prophecy that foretells this. I must go, alone, back into the East and I will gather an army there. Tell them where I have gone if Celeborn and Galadriel do not survive.” Legolas said urgently to Frodo. He stood him back on his feet and shouldered his pack. “Goodbye, my friend, and keep safe.” Then he turned and ran out.

He ran over to where the Elves kept their boats. Most were gone, for they were using them to fight the Orcs. But some were left. He hopped into one and he set off to the East.


A week later, Legolas stood in the prow of the boat, letting the cool ocean air blow across his face. His golden hair flew out behind him as the salty spray of the ocean whipped across his face. He turned around and began to pace. He was going to go mad if he had to go very much longer without setting foot on land. He had been alone for a week with nothing to see but endless blue waters stretching in all direction from his small boat. His food supply was running low too. Slowly an idea came to him. He stopped pacing and walked to the prow of the boat. He knelt down. And he prayed.

(Valar, please if you want me to succeed, please help me find land. If you do not, Valinor will perish along with the Elves. Please Valar, bring me safely to land, and soon. Please.)

He heard a deep voice in his head. It rang of great wisdom. But there was also sorrow in his voice, sorrow for the lives of Elves that had been lost.

(Be in peace little one. We are fighting our own battle with Morgoth. We shall do what we can. But there is one thing that we can do. You shall find land, soon. Do not despair.)

He lifted his head and realized that there were tears streaming down his face. “Thank you.” He whispered. No one answered, but he somehow knew that they had heard him. He rested his head on his arms and fell asleep with the words of the Valar in his head.


He woke blinking sleep from his eyes. He looked up and was instantly on his feet. Land! He watched with joy singing in his heart as his boat rocked slowly nearer and nearer to the beach. When it finally got there he jumped off and buried his face in the sand. The warmth of the sand warmed his face. He sat back and just enjoyed the feeling of being on solid ground again. Slowly he got up and looked at his surroundings. He noted happily that he was near a forest. He walked toward it. There he found fruit and a stream, where he happily drank the cool, refreshing water.

He journeyed in the forest for many days, trusting in the Valar to show him the way. One day he was sitting by a large oak by a streambed when he heard a voice raised in song. It was the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. He got up and walked slowly, as if in a trance, toward the beautiful sound. It was an old elfish song that Legolas had only heard once or twice in his life. He followed the voice to a large clearing. He watched under the shadow of a tree, the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen, danced to her song. She whirled and sand clearly delighting in life. As the song came to an end she turned around and looked directly into Legolas’s eyes.


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