Creature Unknown – – the final chapter

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Chapter 5: A fight to remember

Legolas looked at the elves he had brought. ” what are you doing here?” he asked one of the elves. The elf he was talking to jumped off fo his horse and he and Legolas hugged. ” when i heard that you were in trouble i had to help” the elf said.
” Aragorn this is Jarern he is a guard of Mirkwood i know well”.
The elf bowed to Aragorn and Aragorn did the same to the elf.
” he will return though” said Legolas.
” i know” said Aragorn sadly ” but we are ready now”
” Jarern i thank you but i wish you to return to where ever you were if i need you again i will find you” Legolas said to his friend.
” very well sir” Jarern said bowing to Legolas and he and the other guards left.

” are you alright after being thrown back like that?” Aragorn asked as they set off again.
” i am fine now it toook a lot of breath out of me though” Legolas answered.
” i was very worried when your horse reared” Aragorn admitted.
Legolas gave a small laugh ” there is no reason to be worried for me” he told Aragorn.
” well i could not see you for a while i was just as surprized as Frantra when you showed up” Aragorn retorted.
” i did not mean anything by it” Legolas said quickly.

They rode for a long time before either of them spoke. ” Aragorn where exactly are we going?” Legolas asked .
” no where just far enough to lead Frantra away” he answered.
Legolas stopped and listened . ” is it him Legolas?” Aragorn asked when he saw.
” i think so?” said Legolas. He got off his horse.
” Legolas get on your horse” Aragorn hissed.
Legolas ignored him and walked toward the place were the noise was comming from.
” i hear two voices” he told Aragorn.
” do you recognise the other one?” he asked quickly.
“no” he said
” well can you see them?”said Aragorn.
” yes it is a ……..Thainra” said Legolas relived. ” he is just talking to a Thainra”.
Aragorn looked very relived. Legolas got back on his horse.
” we have to make him come out and follow us” said Legolas.
Aragorn looked worried ” are you sure you want to do this after what happened?” he asked.
” of course i do” said Legolas determained.
” we have to cause a distraction so he will look out here” said Aragorn thinking. Legolas’s face lit up. ” Aragorn you go hideover behind those trees he will run out here if he thinks i am alone” said Legolas the determination in his voice made Aragorn obey. He went behind the trees Legolas had pointed at. Legolas leaned forward and whispered soming into his horses ear. The horse reared up once again. The plan worked Frantra came running out. He saw Legolas on the horse which had calmed down but he did not see Aragorn anywhere.
” all alone are we elf?” he asked happily.
Legolas put on a fake look of surprise ” Frantra why are you here?” he asked.
” that does not concern you” he said walking toward Legolas.
“where is your friend Aragorn?” he asked.
” i do not know we got seperated as a group of orcs crossed or path” Legolas lied quickly.” what of you why are you here alone?” Legolas asked though he new full well he was not alone.
” well since you ask i am not alone actually i have a friend with me” he said.
Then a Thainra came from behind the trees. It was not the one they had seen before.
” this is my friend” said Frantra.
” some crowd you hang around with then Frantra” said Legolas looking at the Thainra in disgust.
” he might not be standing here thanks to your friend” said Frantra ignoring Legolas’s remark.
” and i to might not be here thnks to you” he said as Legolas was climbing off his horse.
” you do hold a grudge” said Legolas smirking.
” you are someone who looks on the funny side of things i see” said Frantra. ” i will be sad to kill you but i promised you i would”
” well i am alone so try” said Legolas.
Frantra dismissed the Thainra and he and Legolas faced each other.
Frantra raised his hand to throw Legolas back again, but Legolas ducked and the spell rebounded off of a tree behind him and hit Frantra. He was thrown back as Legolas was. Legolas walked up to him ” now that is funny”. He fitted an arrow easily into his bow and aimed it.
” Aragorn would you like to help kill him too?” Legolas called to Aragorn.
” indeed i do” said Aragorn riding over to Legolas. Before Aragorn could reach them the Thainra jumped in front of them but Aragorn’s horse did not jump much and it mearly reared and kicked the Thainra with such force that it was killed.
” are you alright?’ Legolas called to Aragorn.
” look out!” he shouted back. Frantra had gotten up and he did a spell which made Legolas fly across toward a tree. Legolas was ready and he threw his legs out and stopped himself so he was standing on the trunk of the tree. He dropped to the ground and landed on his feet. He drew his bow and arrow but this time he did not hesitatae for Frantra had lifted Aragorn off his horse and slammed him into the ground. Legolas aimed and released his arrow and it hit the target in the hand. Frantra grasped his hand in pain. Legolas ran over to Aragorn. He helped him to his feet but there was a bit of wood skewered through his leg. ” pull it out Legolas” Aragorn pleaded.
” i cant” he said sitting Aragorn down again.
” please” he pleaded ” i am in pain”
” alright” said Legolas. He held out his arm so Aragorn could hold it. Legolas grasped the piece of wood and pulled it out. Aragorn squeezed Legolas’s arm very tighly , but Legolas didnt care.
Legolas started to help him up when he was kicked in the chest and sent backwards.
” sucha kind elf” said Frantra coolly.
“helps his friends without a thought fo his saftey” he said walking toward Legolas who was now on his feet.
” it is called being nice you should try it sometime” said Legolas not taking his eyes off Aragorn.
” Legolas like i said before it is a shame that i have to kill you” said Frantra shaking his head.
” Frantra you say you are going to kill me but you havent managed yet” said Legolas calmly.
” well i will finish what i started with your friend first” he said pointing at Aragorn.
” you will harm him no more while i live” said Legolas walking over to Aragorn and blocking him from Frantra.
” you are indeed kind” he said grinning. ” very well i shall kill you first”.
” just try it” Legolas said.
” what makes you so confident elf?” Frantra asked.
A smile crossed Legolas’s face ” i shot your magic hand” he said grinning.
Frantra looked at his hand, it was true Legolas had shot the hand he used for magic.
” well done Legolas” said Aragorn behind him.
” that will not stop me” Frantra said. He raised his hand and a bright yellow streak shot toward Legolas. He jumped out of it’s path before it could hit him.
” impressive” said Legolas. Legolas moved away from Aragorn to make sure that he would be hurt if Frantra tried that again.
” you are a quick one” said Frantra.
” i find that usally helps me to not get killed” Legolas retorted.
Frantra sent out another streak of yellow Legolas doged it but this time he not quite as lucky it cut his shoulder. The cut was not deep.
Legolas pulled out an arrow, but instead of fitting it into his bow he broke the blade off of the rest and threw it at Frantra. His reflexes were not as fast. It landed deep into his arm.
He grasped the arrow head and pulled it out.
” now you are going to pay” he said. Frantra raised both of his hands and muttered something non-stop. A bright green light appeared out of the tips of his fingers. He pointed his fingers at Legolas and the light followed to where he was pointing. It hit Legolas hard in the chest and sent him flying backward into a tree.
Frantra walked upto him. Legolas was trying hard to remain concious.
” well i will be sad to see you go” said Frantra as he reached Legolas ” you put up a really good fight” he admitted. ” and I hope you dont take it the wrong way if I dont kill you yet I want you to see your friend die” said Frantra
” and I hope you dont take this the wrong way” said Legolas
” what?” Frantra asked
” this” said Legolas as he raised hileg and kicked Frantra in the shinns.
Legolas could not pull himself to his feet.he grabbed hold of the tree and pulled himeself up that way.
Frantra was on the ground. ” you harmed my friend” said Legolas.
” never do that to my friends” he said and he pulled out an arrow and skewered it threw Frantra’s throat. Then he fell back down unable to hold his weight any longer. The last thing he saw was Aragorn trying to stand up to get over to him.

” you two were lucky” said Gimli.
” I think he is comming around” said Faramir. ” Gimli, go get Aragorn”
” alright”
” how are you?” Faramir asked.
” I do not know yet” said Legolas sitting up.
” Aragorn will be comming in a minute” Faramir told Legolas.
” so he is alright then?” Legolas asked hopfully.
” yes, he is fine he refused to leave you but he needed his rest” Faramir said with a grin.
Legolas let out a small laugh ” why does that not surprise me?”
” I dont know why?” Aragorn said walking in.
” because you are so predictable” said Legolas laughing. ” how are you?”
” oh, I am fine I want to know how you are?”
” cant complain except for my broken arm” said Legolas.

” thank you for standing that fight for me” said Aragorn the next morning as he and Legolas went to the palace.
” no need to thank me you would have done the same for me” Legolas said.
” well thanks to all the help we had there is not a single thainra alive in Rohan” said Eomer happily that morning.
” a group of elves came to help us” he continued. ” one of them said he knew you Legolas”
Legolas nodded ” I know of who you talking about” he said smiling.

The next day Legolas,Aragorn.Gimli and Faramir left for home.

” I am so glad that you are all alright” said Arwen when they came home.
” with the exception of Legolas” Gimli corrected her.
” oh yes, Legolas hao is your arm?” Arwen asked looking over at him.
” fine I can take this cast off in three days” he told her.
” I am just glad we never have to see Frantra again” said Aragorn with a huge sigh.
” I will second that” said Legolas in the same relived tone.

3 days passed and Legolas’s cast came off. Gimli was so happy that he and Aragorn had lived. Faramir had fussed over Legolas like a hen when he had his cast on. Aragorn was glad to be home and with his friends. He told Legolas many times that he was in his debt , but Legolas refused to accept it. Arwen knew that her hero Aragorn would come back to her and her best friend Legolas would never leave her, she never told them that. ( Legolas already knew anyway).



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