Creature Unknown – chapter 3

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Chapter 3: An Unwelcome Reunion

The guards soon returned but without the Thainra. ” We are sorry Sire we lost him,” said one of the guards. ” It could not be helped,” said Aragorn. They continued on their journey to Rohan. ” You don’t think that these Thainra things are what is attacking Rohan do you?” asked Faramir after a while of riding. ” It would not surprise me,” said Aragorn glumly.
” Are you alright Legolas?” asked Aragorn looking at him. ” You have not spoken in a long time”.
He looked at Aragorn and nodded. ” Legolas I have known you long enough to tell when you are troubled, ” said Aragorn.
” Fine” said Legolas in a defeated voice ” yes, there is something troubling me”.
” What is it?” asked Faramir.
” Well I guess it is the fact that we do not know what these creatures are capable of and we do not know how to slay them” he confessed. Just then Aragorn to realized that what Legolas as saying was true. ” Well it looked a little bit like an orc maybe you kill it the same way,” said Gimli hopefully. Legolas shook his head ” no they were much taller than orcs and they have claws on their fingers”.
“How do you know that?” asked Faramir suspiciously.
” when he was standing in front of us I saw them” said Legolas. Aragorn smiled faintly and said ” even when you hear something like that you pay attention to detail”.
Legolas smiled back ” I would take that as a complement if I hadn’t noticed them before he mentioned Frantra”.
Aragorn laughed ” you do have a way of making the best of a bad situation”.
” I try” said Legolas still smiling.

They rode for a long time before anything happened but when it did it was very unexpected. The group was traveling through a woodland area. ” did you hear that?” Legolas asked Aragorn. Aragorn stopped ” I have not elven hearing” he said.
” something is coming” said Legolas seriously.
” from where?” asked Aragorn. But before Legolas could answer he was knocked off of his horse by something fast and black and landed hard on the ground. Aragorn jumped off of his horse and ran to Legolas.
“are you alright Legolas?” he asked.
Legolas pulled himself to his feet ” I am not hurt but me must hurry I sense that there are more There’s around here” he said walking over to his horse and mounting it easily.
” you mean that the thing that knocked you off of your horse was a Thainra?” asked Aragorn in exasperation as Gimli and Faramir rode up to them. Legolas just nodded.
” we saw what happened” said Faramir. ” are you ok?” he asked Legolas.
” I am fine” he said bringing Aragorn’s horse to him.
They did not meet anything else in the woods though they were all on their guard. Legolas was not harmed seriously he only had a small cut on his right arm but nothing worse. Gimli was slightly shaken he insisted that he and Faramir stay beside Legolas, though Legolas had told him many times he was fine ( even Aragorn had backed him up) but Gimli insisted.
” we will reach Rohan early tomorrow if we do not rest but if we do we shall reach Rohan late afternoon” Aragorn explained. Everyone agreed that they should keep going.

They reached Rohan and found it in chaos. It was indeed the Thaira’s that were attacking Rohan. They found Eomer, he was very pleased to see them. Helead them into the safety of the palace
” we do not know what these creatures are they are strangely fast and they have clawed hands” he told them all ” we have not a clue on how to kill them”.
Legolas and Aragorn looked at each other. ” we know what they are” said Legolas. All of Eomer’s company turned to look at the elf. ” you do Legolas?” asked Eomer in a disbelieving tone.
” yes” said Legolas flatly ” they are called Thainra they are a creation of a mad man”.
” do you know how to kill them?” asked Eomer hopefully. Legolas shook his head sadly.
” you we know what they are” said Eomer ” who else knows?” he asked.
” I do” said Aragorn. ” but I know no more than Legolas does” he added quickly.
” well what do we know so far?” asked Faramir.
” well we know they have hooked hands they are very fast and that they are strong enough to knock an elf off a horse” Aragorn recapped giving Legolas a sideways glance.
Eomer looked at him ” how do you know that they can knock an elf off a horse?” he asked
” we passed one in a wood not far from here and it knocked Legolas off of his horse” Gimli told Eomer.
There was a sudden crash that made everyone jump. Something dropped from the roof of the palace and it fell onto the table. It took a while for anyone to realize what was. Legolas was the first he jumped off of his seat. Then Aragorn realized too. No one else knew what this thing was. It stood up and faced them all. It looked slightly human it was male and tall but shorter than Legolas he had greasy short black hair its eyes were a funny grayish coulour.
” hello” it said. Not a single person answered. it did not seem disturbed by this in fact it smiled
” now here is a face I do know” he said as he turned and saw Legolas. ” yes I remember you well I had the chance to kill you” everyone around them looked at Legolas as he said this.
” until a little worm came and tried to kill me” he said with spite in his voice.
” I believe that worm is me” said Aragorn.
The thing jumped and turned to Aragorn “ah yes you are the worm” it said smiling broadly.
” I guess that this is Frantra” said Gimli.
Legolas nodded ” yes, Gimli he is”. Frantra turned to Gimli then turned back to Legolas and took a step toward him. This did not bother Legolas in the slight he did not step back. ” so you know my name and others now know it” he said ” I must ask what is your name?”.
” my name is Legolas” he said coolly.
” and yours is?” he asked turning to Aragorn.
” Aragorn” he said.
” oh aren’t we one happy family” Frantra said in a fake pleasant voice. His face suddenly went serious and he stared at Aragorn with hate in his eyes ” you nearly foiled the birth of my creatures I have not forgotten” he said menacingly. Then he turned to Legolas and pointed at him and walked over to him and jumped off of the table and Legolas was forced to walk back or he would be knocked off of his feet. ” and you well you nearly killed me” he said calmly ” and I forgot to repay you” he said with a hint of anger in his voice. ” but you better believe I will elf” he said. He looked over to Aragorn ” and I will never forget that you nearly killed everything I had worked so hard to create I will have my revenge” he called. As quickly as he had come he vanished into thin air. Aragorn walked over to Legolas. ” are you alright?” Legolas asked before Aragorn could. Aragorn nodded ” I am fine”. ” what about you?”. He asked Legolas
” no harm done” he said.
Faramir and Gimli walked over to them both. ” a little something you forgot to mention?” Faramir asked .
” we did not tell you the whole story” Legolas admitted.
” would you care to tell us now?” asked Gimli.
Aragorn looked at Legolas ” fine I guess you deserve to hear the truth”
” Ok ” said Legolas ” I will set the story straight for as long as I can for there are some things I do not know”.
” To start the last bit was a lie he did not run away Aragorn unsheathed his sword and Frantra did hear it he turned and blocked Aragorn’s swing I took this chance to get up my knees were not bad just slightly cut I fell because of shock not pain I kicked him in the back of the leg and called for Aragorn to follow me because I knew we could not slay him without a plan so we climbed the tree Frantra was in, we found up there an egg and I guess that egg was the first Thainra, Aragorn picked it up and got ready to throw it off the top of the tree but Frantra had followed us up and he snatched the egg back and placed it under his cloak, while he did that I kicked his stomach hoping to knock him off and crush the egg he did fall but he held on to a branch below, he held his hand up and muttered something and I remember myself rising then I fell to the ground and all I can remember is Aragorn yelling at Frantra to stop it” Legolas finished and turned to Aragorn.
” Well after Legolas fell ” Aragorn continued ” I climbed down to face Frantra but he had gone and had took his egg with him” Aragorn finished the story.


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