Creature Unknown – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: An Enemy Returns

It was tall and pure black. “What are you doing on my path?” the strange creature asked.

“Well I guess it talks,” said Gimli who had rode beside Legolas and Aragorn with Faramir.

“What race are you of?” asked Aragorn. The creature smiled and took a step forward. Legolas raised his bow a little more and held his arrow tightly. “Well since you ask,” the thing said still grinning. “I am a Thainra a new creation actually”.

“Of who?” asked Legolas.

It took another step forward. “Oh I do believe you know him”.

“Who is it?” Legolas asked again.

“A wonderful master he knows you very well”

“Me?” asked Aragorn.

The thing waved a black finger in front of Aragorn “No, I meant both of you of you”. It said pointing at Legolas and Aragorn

“A name if you please” said Gimli frustrated.

“Oh yes his name is Frantra” the thing gave a wicked smile then ran back into the Forrest.

“After him!” Aragorn yelled and 10 guards plunged into the trees after the Thainra.

“Who is this Frantra?” asked Faramir.

“Its a long story” said Legolas weakly.

“We have time while they are looking” insisted Faramir.

“Alright” said Aragorn. “I don’t know all of it I was unconscious for a while so Legolas will fill in from there”. Aragorn took a deep breath and said “but I will cut this long story short”.”well it begins I suppose the day Legolas and I decide to ride through Mirkwood to visit his father” he took another deep breath and continued. “We did meet a few spiders and orcs but something far worse was up ahead, we had been riding for at least an hour when Legolas heard something up in the trees but he said it was not an elf for one you can never hear an elf and two we were still along way from Mirkwood, so he climbed up to see what it was and I remember seeing him climb down in hurry to warn me, then Frantra jumped off of the tree I do not know what he is but he is not elvish nor is he human, he had a strange club with him, he swung for Legolas but the elf ducked and I was knocked off of horse,” Aragorn gave a little shudder. “And the last thing I remember seeing was Legolas kneeling beside me searching my ribs to see if they were broken then I passed out”. Gimli and Farmir looked at Legolas.

“Well after I checked Aragorn I turned to face Frantra, hello elf he said I asked who he was he told me his name, I asked why he attacked us you may have wandered in on my creations he said I thought he was insane then I found out he was, he drew his sword so I drew my knives and he suddenly ran for me I turned in time but his sword cut across my shoulder and before I had time to react he cut my knees and I fell to the ground” he stopped then looked at Aragorn.

“I woke up and saw Legolas on the ground and that psycho standing over him I stood up, which took some effort and unsheathed my sword but he must of heard me because he fled and that was the last time we saw or heard of him” Aragorn finished the story and looked at Legolas. “But now he is back”.


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