Creature Unknown – A story of a creature unknown to all races of middle Earth

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Chapter 1: Trouble for Rohan

” Would you at least try to get some food in your mouth Gimli” said Aragorn as he Legolas, Faramir and Gimli ate their breakfast in the palace that morning. ” I am a hungry dwarf” answered Gimli through a mouthful of bread. ” I had no idea,” said Faramir sarcastically. Legolas just sat grinning at how this morning had begun. ” What are you smiling about elf?” asked Gimli suspiciously. ” I just wander how you all manage to last the day without going into battle because of all your fighting” Legolas said with a small smirk.
” I do not think that we even know that,” said Aragorn playfully.

As the day passed by Aragorn, Faramir and Gimli continued to argue Legolas’s poor elvish ears were in pain so he simply went to his room. Only did he come out when he heard the sound of a horse coming. He went to tell Aragorn but could not find him. So he answered the messenger himself. It was a messenger of Rohan. ” Rohan is under attack!” the messenger said hurriedly ” Captain Eomer sends for help from Gondor”.
” Follow me ” Legolas, said urgently. He knew he had to find Aragorn. Lucky for him Aragorn was already heading toward them. ” Aragorn, this man is a messenger of Rohan they are under attack” Legolas told him Quickly. ” They ask for our help”.
” Tell the captain I will send my best men over to fight,” said Aragorn sternly. The messenger nodded then left. ” We will go to,” said Aragorn turning to Legolas.
” Of course I have no problem with going but I think that maybe Arwen may have a problem with you going” said Legolas.
” You may be right I shall go tell her” Said Aragorn but before he could…
” Tell me what?” came Arwens voice. Argon jumped slightly for he did not know she was there. ” tell you that Roan is under attack” Said Argon slowly. Arwen looked utterly shocked at this news. ” are you sending warriors over?” she asked quickly.
” Yes” Argon answered.
” And you wish to go to do you not?” said Arwen smiling. Aragorn nodded guiltily. Arwen walked up to him and said softly ” you may go you must help them”. Aragorn smiled back at her and hugged her. ” And you will going to Legolas?” Arwen asked. Legolas nodded.

The next day Aragorn, Legolas, Faramir and many warriors were ready to leave. As soon as Gimli and Faramir heard about this attack they decided they must come to. ” What creatures are attacking Rohan?” Legolas asked Aragorn. Aragorn opened his mouth to reply but then realized he did not know. ” I am not sure Legolas the messenger did not say, did he?”
“Well he did not say anything to me” Legolas said shrugging.
” They may be orcs” Said Aragorn.
” Yes but the people of rohan could.” Legolas suddenly stopped talking. He turned his horse around to face the other direction. “Legolas what is it” asked Aragorn.
” I hear heavy foot steps coming in this direction”. He answered. His eyes were fixed on a certain spot in the forest behind them. ” Something is about to attack soon,” Legolas said grabbing his bow and fitting and arrow in to it ” get your men ready”. Aragorn gave a signal for his men to arm themselves. The thing that jumped out of the hedges was not familiar to anyone not even Legolas. ” What is that Legolas?” asked Aragorn.
” I fear I do not know,” said Legolas still not taking his eyes off of the hideous creature standing before them.


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