Court of Souls – chapter one

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Linea stood on the misty port of the Grey Havens. Her light brown hair hung in a braid down to her waist and the loose ends went aflight in the wind. Her green eyes mirrored the crashing waves of the sea as they rolled onto the shore. She had never been to Middle Earth, and had grew up all her 1253 years in the paradise across the sea. But now, she was being taken there, for what reason she had not been sure. She knew is supposed to be some sort of punishment. Sitting on the weather-worn wooden planks of the deck, she drew in the salty air and thought about the past day’s events.

She was running. Of course she was running, why would she have been diong otherwise? Two of her friends, Thinuil and Atheril, had dared her to spend the night among the old remnants of a cemetery. They said they would be waiting on the other side. But, as with most old gravesites, it was forbidden to be there. During the night was another story, though. She had been making camp when the steady beat of a drum fell onto her elven ears. She had followed the eerie sound to an elder grave which was the statue of a winged figure. She began to dig with her hands until she hit something. The pounding was now fiercer than ever. she dug up a small chest that she could easily carry in both hands. Of course, a guard had heard and came running after her. She lept over tombstones and fallen branches and, through the murk, could see the sillhuettes of her two friends.

“Come on Linea! Just a little further!” She could hear Atheril calling to her. But when Linea had reached the gate. There was nobody there. It had most likely been a trick of the light. She had been caught. But the chest was nowhere to be seen. Could she have dropped it? So this was her punishment for disturbing the souls of old.

“Come on miss, it’s time to go. Your things are packed aboard.” Linea followed the captain to the ship. She looked back to where her friends stood. Unfortunately, this would most likely be the last time she ever saw them.

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I hope you liked this and I’m sorry if it’s kind of slow right now. It should speed up really soon. *wink* Read and Review!


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