Council of Elrond with Rowen (Elronds other daughter) – By Rowen

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The council was ready to begin. Everyone there expected this to boring as hell. Even Elrond did.
“Alright, everyone lets start this council and get this over with.”
“Arn’t you forgettin me?”
“Who are y-.”
“No need adar/I you know who I am.”
She nodded her head and walked over by Aragorn and sat in an empty chair.
“I though you wouldnt be here today Rowen. I mean you have been gone for 500 years. So how old are you now?”
All became slient then.None knew Elrond had 2 daughters. But Elrond knew her as a daughter so the took her as one. But something confused them about her. Her hair was golden yellow not brown. And her eyes where brown not green. She looked nothing like Elrond. What so ever. So little by little Aragorn looked at her to notice how she related to Elrond and Arwen. But to him there was no resembalance. She had great magic skills. She did little things to get the council mad at each other. After soem time she got up in the middle of the council.
“Sorry, dear father and council members. I must dearly be going.”
“Where is that dear daughter.”
“No need to tell you.”
She rolled her eyes then walked off to the rooms. That night Rowen finally came out. Aragorn had woke from a horrible dream to fine Rowen walking into the forest of Rivendell. Slowly he got up. Tying not to wake Arwen. Got dressed and then ran after her.
After awhile of walking he stop to notice things. But what was there to notice. Nothing, no footsteps no any thing. He felt this walk was hopeless. Right when he was about to turn away he heard a clash of swords and arrows shot and daggers stab trees. He stopped and followed the sound. There he found Rowen. She was training as if war was coming. She was blindfolded and still hitting every target in the bullseye and hitting every tree with out missing. He slowly walked to her. Not making a sound. He drew his swrod and right when he was about to capture her, she turned around and hit his sword. Then he drew it back. Thats when the fight began. She tried to hit him with daggers,arrows, and her sword. Finally she kicked him and he fell to the ground. She put her sword at his thoart. She took off her blindfold.
“Ohhh its you,” she said
“Yah, so can you umm.”
“Ohh, sorry about that its my fighting ability. I though you where tying to attack me badly.”
“Well, am not.”
“Then why are you here.”
“Well do all of Elrond’s daughters go out at midnight to do this.”
“Well do all mortal raised by elves follow Elrond’s daughters every where.”
She notice the pendant around his neck. She knew Arwen and Aragorn were in love.
“I see you and Arwen are in love.”
“Yah we are.”
“She was weak at heart.”
“Youll see.”
She jumped up into the trees.
“Where are you going?”
“To the Huntress Encampment. Am Queen there I really must be going.”
With that without a sound she lept threw the trees and disappered from sight. Aragorn went back to his room to find Arwen awake.
“So, where have you been?”
“Talking to your sister.”
He got in bed and cuddled Arwen for it could be the last tiem he could ever hold her.
“Where is she now?”
“Back to her home.”
“Hmm. What a sad ending to her story. She will never come back.”
Aragorn kissed Arwen.
“She will. You watch.”
With that they both fell into sleep not caring about what might happen the next day.


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