Confused Heart – Ch.1

by Oct 10, 2003Stories

Larien sighed as she watched the rain drip off the trees. Although she was dry in the pavilion, she hated rain, even though it was rare. She brushed back her blond hair behind her cheek as she continued to watch.

She then felt hands resting on her shoulders. She turned to see Darion behind her. “Mae govannen, Darion.” she said.
“Did you sleep well?”

“Fair.” he said as he stroked her flawless cheek. “Have you thought about my question?”

“Oh Darion, I’m still not sure if I want to marry you. Just give me time.” she pleaded with him.

“That I will do love.” he kissed her neck and then said, “I brought something for you.” and produced a beautiful necklace with an emerald set in it.

She gasped recognizing her favorite color. “Thank you.” she breathed as he put it around her neck. “I’ll see you tonight at the feast.” and she left.

She returned to Arwen’s room to find her looking at her hair in the mirror. “Arwen,” Larien called softly.

“Ah Larien, mellon nin. Could you help me?” Arwen asked.

“Of course.” Larien went over and expertly twisted her hair into a silver circlet set on her head. “Done.”

“Thank you.” Arwen said looking at her hair. “It’s perfect.” Then she noticed the necklace. “Darion. Did he ask you again?”

“Yes, but I still have to think about it.” Larien replied.

“About what? He’s strong, brave, handsome, and he loves you. What more could you want?” Arwen reprimanded her.

“Nothing, he would be a good husband.” she said to her self. Then something clicked. “I have to go.” she called back as she rushed out the door.

She found Darion in the same pavilion where she left him. “Darion.” she said as she got closer.

“Yes?” he said looking at her.

“I realized, I wouldn’t be happy with anyone but you. I want to marry you. I want to live my life with you!” she stroked his handsome face.

“Oh Larien!” he said as she swept her into a huge blissful kiss. “Oh Larien, I had hoped we would have had to announce something tonight. Im veleth nin.”

Larien walked down to the feast that night, quivering with excitement. She was wearing a light red dress, to set of the emerald.

When she entered, Darion embraced her and let her sit down in the chair next to his. When everyone was seated, the feast began.

Larien had never tasted such food. Everything she could ever hope for was there.

Towards the end of the feast, Darion nodded at Lord Elrond.
Elrond cleared his throat and began.” My friends, the lord Darion has asked Larien, my daughter’s friend to marry him. And she has excepted. I wish you both well.” now looking at the couple.

Larien could see Arwen smiling. She smiled too as Darion kissed her cheek to show that it was true. She sighed in bliss.


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