Coming Home – chapter 6

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Legolus, Celeborn, Celebra and a band of Galdirhim were on their way through the forest of Darkness, which was the forest outside the Fortress. When they arrived at the gates Celeborn muttered an elvish spell and then the gates rose up. They rode through town with everyone staring at them and the guards followed close behind. When they arrived to the palace the prince was there to greet them. “Welcome, for what honor do some unlucky elves like us to have the presence of such great men, excluding you young prince,” the dark elf prince said.

“Shut up, where is she?” the young prince asked.

“OH her, well that depends only her lover can see her and no one has her hand, so any takers young prince,” he said testing Celebra’s nerves. Celebra started to charge at him but Celeborn held him back.

“Trey, we ask you for his betrothed for she doesn’t belong to you but to him,” Celeborn said,

“Awe I see well she doesn’t seem to want to leave, for her and I have been together,” the dark prince said. At this Alicia came running out of the enterence of the palace and ran to Legolus. As she hugged him the dark prince has a glare that could melt steel. Alicia went over to Celebra, he bowed his head and then she kissed him on the cheek.

“I now know how much I wanted to be with you, for it was impossible,” Alicia said. Celebra smiled and then he went to kiss her hand but was interupped when Prince Trey grabbed Alicia by the wrist and pulled her away from her. Celebra.

“Now Now your mine,” Trey said. At that moment I felt a instinct that I must get a way from him. I pulled away from him, the guards started to rush over to me to restrain me but a greenish glow started to glow around me and they stopped in fear something bad would happen. “Get her you fools.” At that Celeborn and Legolus had their bows out and ready to fire. Celebra gentley took Alicia by her hand and mounted her on his horse. All four of them rode out of the city peacefully for our royal guards have climbed over the walls and were ready to fire at any moment.


When we arrived back at Lorien tears were shed, defences were set, and a great feast was arranged and two people who were meant to be together were brought together. My Lorien friend Celebrindal and I thought would be fun and went to the Falls of Youth and bath.

“Your parents are going to murder us, I mean you just got back from being kiddnapped, do you really think we’re going to be alone?”

“Heck no, my parents probably have every guard on high alert and looking after me, but who says we’re going skinny dipping when we have our undergarments?”

“Haha, your right even if there is a millon guards watching us we’re just giving them a show and they’re not going to see anything.” When we got the falls we took off your light dresses and jumped into the cool water started splashing each other. Once we were done we lyed out on the warm grass to dry off. I knew we weren’t alone but that didn’t bother me from dozing off into dreamworld. I woke up in my chamber fully clothed and still wet, I looked around the room and saw that my door was slitely open. I crawled out of my bed and went to the door.

“Hello, is anyone there?” I said listening for any slight sound. It was then when I heard elven music coming from the Great Hall. I quickly readied myself and hurried down to it. I wore my hair up in the traditional hairstyle of Mirkwood, half up half down. My gown was a seafoam tint that touched the floor. As I walked through enterence I could see everyone was sitting down to dinner, I sat in between my parents and Celebra.


The dance

“May I have this dance Milady?” Celebra said. I nodded my head and we glided out on to the dance floor. “You look beautiful tonight,” he continued.

“It was a quick put together, may I ask how I got to my chamber today?”I asked. Celebra smiled eyed his fellow friends who were dancing as well.

“I guess some angels and lifted you there, so you wouldn’t be in any danger,” Celebra said continuing to stare at his friends. I smiled and continued to listen to the entrancing voices of the soloist. Celebra noticed this and stopped dancing and walked over to the stage and she stopped and then Celebra waved her over. “As guest of honor you are required to sing a song,” he said.

“Ok here I go.”

Namárië lissë kemen ar formenwa menel,

an voro laitanë, an sinome né caita ar

sinome hroanen tyelca né

nornoroa undu Isil, undu Anar,

Lúthien Tindómerel yanta vanima

i fírima lambë voro nyarë. Nan ilya

an atalantë lantanë Ambar ar né úcarna

ar nanehortanë úcarna undumënna enwina,

né cáralarya mára, i histen, i ara, i kemen,

i Eär i Lúthien lúlin núva.

Everyone stared at me and became very selfconsionsous. I walked down from the stage looking at the ground. Celebra came up to me, ” Alicia do not fear, that was even the soloist today, smile you should celebrate you have the audience stunded, you have the voice of the wind that can’t be matched,” He said. My eyes were now in tears.

“No other then you could say that better then you for other then I is the luckiest elfwen in all of Arda,” I said with tears still in my eyes.

“Do you love me?”

“With all my heart,” I said and then hugging him. He led me to the boucany over looking his land.

“Alicia, what ever you do please don’t leave my side tonight.”

“Celebra, may it be the sun, the earth, the heavens no other can tear me away from you, for my true love is to you and you alone.” Celebra and I softly met each other lips, when we released he looked in to my eyes. He led me to my bed chamber.


When we arrived at my door we were plainly silent and until hebroke the silence, “Milday, may I”?

” You may” I said. With that I led him into my chamber.


The next day I spent all my time with Celebra and I had the biggest smile on my face. My kin left Lorien back to Mirkwood. Days turned into months, months turned into years. Six years has passed hence the betrothal.



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