Coming Home – chapter 5

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When I came around I looked around to see that I was in the White Forest of Mirkwood. A minute later a hooded figure came up to me with a dagger and cut my binds. I finally got up the courage to say something. “Why did you kidnap me,” I asked.

“Milady, we did it for you,” the hooded figure said. I had a very confused look on my face.

“I have done nothing to give anyone the impression that I didn’t want to marry Celebra,” I screamed at him. He giggled and then lifted me to my feet.

“Milady, you know what is in your heart, look in it,” he said. I got even more frustrated and I busted.

“Sir I have no idea who you think you are but I do feel for Celebra and,” I paused and then remembered something, “you work for Teian don’t you?”

“Whom are you talking about, no I work for prince Trey of the Malice kingdom,” He said. I haven’t heard of any kingdom like that but I remember stories of it and how magnificent it was when I was a child.

“What does the Prince of the Malice kingdom want with me, if you go through with these plans to kidnap me two powerful elven kingdoms will come after you,” I said.

“Maybe you never heard your kingdoms that you speak of never been able to penetrate the walls of the Malice Kingdom, and you come with me you can do it willingly or we’ll do it forcefully,” he said threatening me. I gave him a glare and sat on nearby boulder. “Fine so be it.” He grabbed my by my waste and mounted me on a horse and tied my hands to the saddle.


Mean while Celebra noticed that Alicia didn’t attend breakfast he went to look for her. He asked many of the palace guards but none have seen her that morning. Many guards were set alert when she was nowhere to be found in Lorien. Celeborn sent a rider to Mirkwood to inform her mother and father of the incident. Four days later Legolus and Mira came riding up to the Lorien palace where Celeborn and Celebra were standing on the stairs to greet them. “Celeborn, any word,” Legolus said.

“I am afraid not my friend we are trying our best to track her down but her captors have covered their tracks well,” Celeborn said.

“Mira can you please let Celeborn and I talk in privet for a moment,” Legolus said to Mira. Mira kissed him on the cheek and went in to the palace. “Celeborn my daughter is gone my only daughter is kidnapped and we’re here doing nothing about it.”

“Milord we are doing everything we can but nothing is working, I care for you daughter too but,” Celebra said to Legolus but then he cut him off.

“Lets go then,” Legolus, said.


When we came upon the palace the guard riding with me gagged me and it went black. When I came about I was in a round room in an enormous blood red bed. “Surely like I said she’s awake,” the guard from before said. Then I heard a figure walking toward the side of my bed.

“Don’t be afraid Milady I am the prince and you are in my kingdom now and you are my captive ,” he said. As soon as he said captive my eyes shot open and noticed that I wasn’t a dream. “Servant is her bath ready?”

“Yes your highness,” a shy voice said. I heard them leave and then I girl got me out of bed and started to unbutton my dress. She lead me to a separate room with a bath already drawn and the surface was covered with rose peddles. I didn’t care about time, I just laid there until I opened my eyes to look out the window and I was dark. The maid came in to light candles but I said. “No I’m getting out right now you don’t have to do that.” I got out and she reached for the robe.

“Did you enjoy your bath?” she said.


“The prince shall be happy about that.”

“I bet he will” she turned around so that the maid could put on the robe, when it was on she turned around to thank her but when she did she was facing the prince.

“How long were you standing there?” I said.

“Not that long”, he turned to the maid, “leave us, now where were we,” the prince said.

“You were about to leave my chambers.”

“Finally a captive with a sense of humor, and no I will not leave it is time you learn that your days of making your own decisions are over,” he said. She rolled her eyes as he started to circle around her. He put his hands around my waste and whispered in my ear. “I want you tonight.”

“No I will not let you,” I said in a whisper. He started to kiss my neck but I tilted my head to interfere with that. He called his guards and I saw that they had a rope. I tried to break away from the prince but his hold was rock hard. He led me into my bedchamber and untied my robe I prayed so hard that a stray arrow would hit him in the neck and save me from this. As he was doing this I reached behind me and grabbed his dagger and placed it to his neck.

“So you wish to kill me, elf maidens shouldn’t play with knives they might get hurt,” at this word the prince slowly gripped the dagger from her hand and placed it against my neck, “now where were we.” I closed my eyes trying to separate my soul from my body, but some force did not allow it to. “Hmm so you have some tricks, well so do I, do u want to see them?”


“Like I said before no matter what you say your words don’t mean a thing here”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Why do I need too?”

“Yes, for my father wouldn’t be to happy with me being missing from Lorien,” I said.

“Celeborn only had one daughter and one son no others, so how is it that your father will miss you, for I found maidens from Lorien are not missed at all,” He said.

“Oh well then you’ll have to find out for my kin do not reside in Lorien but some other kingdom.”

“Well I’ll put my guards are full alert.”

“Ha I bet you will.”

He led me back to my chambers and he left with out taking my robe off. I changed in my night shift that was laid out on my bed. I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of home.



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