Coming home – chapter 4

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Breakfast that morning my parents were talking with Galadriel and Celeborn about their journey. When I finished with my meal I headed to my changing room to change into my riding clothes. I ran down to the stables only to meet Celeborn and Celebra saddling Cerebra’s horse. “Leaving so early or is it that we think a like,” I said walking in to the stables.

” I’m sorry milady I thought it would be a good way to see the scenes,” Celebra said. He finished saddling his horse went over help me with mine.

“You know young ones when this sort of thing happens, its probably a sign for you two,” Celeborn said walking away. I smiled and mounted my horse and Celebra did the same. We were riding in unison on a marked path; I saw a lot of guards behind trees trying to stay hidden.

” Do you think my father said is true, that it might be a sign for us,” Celebra said.

” It be a sign to many people in this land, but not for me,” I said trying not to look at him.

“Why is that,” he said looking at me.

“Milord I said that it’s a sign for many people in my land, I mean to say that we are being told something I don’t know what but my father seems to know he really likes you Celebra I wouldn’t be surprised if you two are planning something together, anyways I must return milord but you may stay I bet that the guards won’t leave a eye off you,” I said.

I galloped in the direction of the palace but Celebra stayed on the path. When I was halfway home I felt strange like I missed something or someone. ” Am I falling in love with Celebra or am I just blind to see the truth,” I thought. I approached the palace stairs when my mother Mira came running down the stairs. “OH, Alicia it’s the spiders they’ve doubled from last month, they can easily harm you being so small were sending you and some young ones to Lorien” my mother said.

“Mother I understand but they’re our guests why would you ask if they could take in some young ones and of course me,” I said.

“Alicia it’s time someone told you why they are here, its because of you,” my mother said.

“You betrothed me didn’t you, I knew it, just because your friends with them doesn’t mean you go and betrothing your daughter left and right now,” I said with a mad tone.

“Daughter, we are only sending you to Lorien for your safety that is all, it is your decision if you are to wed you and him are connected through heart you will see what I mean, now quick you are leaving tomorrow you must pack,” my mother said. I ran up to my bedchamber to pack my things for the trip. I didn’t see Celebra till that morning when he carried my thing to the horses. I said goodbye to my parents and we departed, I didn’t speak with anyone nether did I make eye contact. When I thought that I could make it the way with out making contact with anyone Celeborn came right up to my horse.

“You shouldn’t be scared of us, or is it something else,” Celeborn said. I lowered my head and mumbled under my breath. When I looked up I saw Celebra riding near his mother, she never realized that how attractive he was. Blue eyes that you can get lost in, blonde hair like his father but longer. Hours later they stopped to camp, I was really tired but when I almost fell a sleep Celebra came and made his bed next to mine.

“Princess, I know your mother told you umm about why we came to Mirkwood and well one tradition of a betrothed couple when the lady is going to the lord’s kingdom and well,” he said before I interrupted him.

“Prince you can surprise me when we get there it isn’t time for anything that will wake me up, I need some rest”. I laid down and fell sound a sleep. When I woke up my horse was already settled and stuff on it. We rode in silence till we got to Lorien. I was showed to my bedchambers and I quickly changed in to a dress for dinner. Dinner was mostly Celeborn talking to some people from the council until Celeborn addressed me.
“So lady Alicia, what do you think of your betrothal to my son.”

“Milord, I have many thoughts and many decisions to make in my life but I can say that this decision will not be a hard one to answer,” I answered him with a smile on face. Everyone seemed to smile at her the rest of the meal. Celebra offered to take me up to my bedchamber, as we walked through the corridors I wished that he would leave when arrived there. As we came to my door he bowed his head but then I tilted his head higher with my hand and brushed my lips against his. He put his hand behind my head and started to kiss passionately. Next thing I did was pushed him away gently gave him a smile and then walked into my bedchamber and closed the door.

That next morning I didn’t go to breakfast first but I went the hanging gardens there was no guards in there so I could be alone. But I wasn’t alone I could hear something or someone behind a statue. I ignored it thinking it was a servant taking a break but then a hand came over my mouth and all my limbs were tied with rope. Then a hilt of a sword came to my head and I blacked out.


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