Coming home – chapter 2

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Opening the door he found a young elf maiden sitting on an edge of a balcony staring out in to the forest. When the door creaked the maiden looked back and saw him in the doorway. She stood up and started walking toward him, ” So you were coming home”, Alicia said to Legolus.

“Yes, what did you expect a Ada who only came home if he only the best family in the world “, he said.

“Well that’s reason you came home isn’t it”, she said. Legolus gave a look to Alicia trying to read her expression but nothing came out of his mouth when heard those words. Just the thought that his own little girl was a grown maiden and attracting the boys was a thought you can’t live without. ” Many have asked for mothers hand in marriage, but now that you’re here,” Alicia said being interrupted by Legolus.

“So what your saying is that I have to fight for her hand all over again,” Legolus said. Alicia gave him nod side to side. Legolus smiled, Alicia looked about for something to distract her, when she found nothing she made up a question from the top of her head.

“Ada, so your trip, was there any complications coming home, you know, from the hall of fire,” she said. Alicia started to stretch a big on her face.

“No, and Lord Elrond was wonderful host, I only wished you were the to here the stories that he told at night,” Legolus said. Alicia giggled and then Legolus got up from his seat and then kissed her on her cheek and then walked away.
“That night there was banquet for the return of their king, there was a roasting pig over the gigantic fire and wine in abundance which was being passed around to everyone. Mostly everyone was sitting by the fire, while the children were roasting sweet mushrooms. Some elven young adults stood near the big oak tree. “Hey Alicia why don’t you and Teian come with us to Blossom hill, I promise we won’t get in trouble you know that all the adults are drunk come on”, said an elven maiden.

“Ok but let’s hurry home because were having guests tomorrow coming from Lorien,” Alicia said. They all mounted on their horses and rode into the forest. When they arrived there, they dismounted but Alicia missed a step and fell. Teian, a fully-grown elven worrier hurried over to her and helped her up. Alicia started to ach but then maintained a smile for Teian,he walked her over to sit underneath a tree. “Thanks, but now I’m a mess and tomorrow,” Alicia said before being interrupted by Teian.

“I do not care for there is barely a speck of dirt among your angelic body, and I for one know that you know that too,” Teian said interrupting Alicia. Teian then said ” Alicia, look into my eyes and say that you don’t feel for me, cause I surly feel for you.” Alicia looked into his eyes and tried to understand what he just said, and when she understood she said.

“Teian, nye iest nye, nye,” Alicia said tears coming from her face while she was putting her hands on her face. Alicia got up from sitting next to Teian and then she heard the voices of the worried parents who found that they weren’t near the palace. Teian got up as well and grabbed Alicia’s arm pulled her closer to him. (Teian, I will___ I, I)

“Bain, gora, ir del le gar (Beauty, terror, the horror you have,” Teian, said. Alicia surely rolled her eyes and then pushed away rushing to her steed. Galloping
back to the palace she heard a young man’s voice, she slowly got off her horse and walked toward the sound for it seemed to attract her. From a far Alicia saw a young elf about Alicia’s age singing to himself with his eyes closed and leaning against a tree.
Alicia slowly approached him slowly and taped him on the shoulder; right away he opened his eyes and looked at Alicia with a smile.

” What did I do for Eur to have me have to face to face with one of the fairest of all elfwens?” he said. Alicia gave him a smiled observed that he bore the pendent of the nobles of Lorian.

“It is your voice for a voice of such beauty has such a strong attraction for myself,”
Alicia said with a smile on her face.



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