Coming home – Chapter 1

by Aug 6, 2004Stories

Three horses carrying elves, galloping home as though after a battle. Entering a forest full of trees, you can here leaves being crushed while they keep on going. They finally come to a clearing where in front of them stand a hidden haven among the forest. They look up and their wives and their children are there to greet them with welcome arms. Two of the elf’s get off their steed and run to their wives, while the other one stood upon his horse just staring at the women, which would be his wife. She started down the steps very slowly, like she was treasuring the moment in each step.

“For as long as you been gone I’ve missed you each second”, Mira said with the most calmest voice.

” You say you missed me but you take no effort to welcome me as though I have been gone”, Legalus said with a big smile.

” Patience is a virtue, and you haven’t asked of your daughter”, she said.

” Yet, when I left she was grabbing on to my leg begging me not to go, or was it you”, Legalus said with sarcasm.

“Very funny, she’s inside and you’ll be surprised of how many boys are asking for her hand in marriage”, she said.

” Oh really, have they met the father, and how fast they will be saying lets get out of here, where is she?” he said.

“She’s inside hiding from the boys”, she said with a big smile.

Walking up the stairs he hears voices screaming at each other, Legalus starts to open the door to find three boys trying to open a door.

“What is going on here”, Legalus said trying to scare them.

” Umm sir we umm were trying to open the door but its stuck”, they said trying to make up something so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

“Why don’t go and do something else because I know what’s behind that door and I’m her father and lying to me isn’t a good start to impress me or her”, he said with a smile.


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