Come With Me – A story about Frodo leaving the Gray Havens…but what if a twist of fate changes Sam’s life?

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Rain fell like tears to the ground below, and a small mist curled about the landscape like a snake. The ocean looked so gloomy…so vast and uninviting…no one there wanted to be there, yet they were, and nothing could change it.

Samwise Gamgee, alone and hurt to himself as he watched as Frodo packed the last of his belongings that he was taking aboard the White Ship, shed a single tear. Wrapping himself tighter within his cloak, he shivered in dread as he realized that his best friend, his companion through the horrid times of bearing the ring and trudging through the fires of danger to Mt. Doom, was leaving him for good. It was all over now.

How Sam hated being there, witnessing Frodo’s departure and knowing the pain of a heartbreak. How Sam wanted to run to Frodo, hold him close and change his mind…if only it were that simple. But it wasn’t, and Frodo was leaving. Such a pain was unfamiliar to Sam, and he didn’t like it at all. It hurt.

Gulls above darted across the gray skies, crying out as if they too were sad. For their cry was long and sorrowful, seeming so bereft of happiness and so unchanging, and Sam could just imagine himself as a lonely gull following the White Ship to look over his dearest Frodo…but unable to hold and love him as he would before. Unable to touch him, see him, know his warmth. Oh yes, it hurt.

“Sam?” a voice behind him whispered. It was Meriadoc, an expression of sympathy welcoming Sam. His eyes were glum and full of worry, misty with tears that proved to Sam he too felt Sam’s pain, placing a hand upon Sam’s quivering shoulder to comfort his broken heart. Though it didn’t help much, Sam was grateful.

“Oh, hello Merry,” Sam murmured. He pulled his cloak even tighter to prevent the chilly coldness that threatened to blow while turning away back to the ship. Even the graceful swan-like ship that was carved beautifully by elves themselves was as dull as it could get.

“Sam why do you not stay at home? You do not have to watch him leave, it pains you so, you must admit!” Merry suggested, but Sam spat at Merry in pain.

“What do you know? You’ve not lost a companion that means so much!” Sam cried, his tears soaking the already wet ground. His sobs were heard by many, and the world became silent…so dark and cold. “And what kind of friend should a hobbit such as I be to not be the first to wish him the best of luck and happiness? What would I be to him then? To not watch him leave and be the one to see his last expression, to know he cared for me and it hurts him as well. To know that comforts me at least. If I were home, Merry, I wouldn’t know if he was merely thinkin’, ‘Now what did I ever see in Samwise? I don’t care of him anymore! I’m glad I’m leavin’ that pathetic gardenin’ fool who talks to trees!’ This way, I know we both feel the same.”

Merry grew stern yet still understanding his friend. “You know I have lost a dear cousin and companion as well as you! Now Sam you know that’s not the best of choice! In the knowing that Frodo and you feel the same is comforting, but torturing yourself to know he’s soon to be gone is unwise! It was no wonder Hamfast named you Samwise, meaning ‘half wise!'” Merry calmed down, and began to sound more sympathetic. “Not that you have not been so wise and caring to help Frodo Baggins, my friend. For you have shown wisdom no one has seen in you for years. But Sam, this is probably the most unwise thing you have done.”

“To be there to say goodbye to Frodo to show him I still care for him?” Sam spat with astonishment.

“He knows…by God he knows, my dear Sam…but do you know he knows?” Merry’s eyes curved, and Sam knew Merry was smiling in sympathy. Sam began to cry, and rushed into Merry’s welcoming arms. “I know it, Sam. The pain is great. Do you not remember who else is here to comfort your pain?” Merry pulled Sam away to where their foreheads were touching, and he looked down in Sam’s eyes.

“You and Pippin. And I am grateful to know I’m not alone. But I am afraid you are right. I don’t know if he knows I care for him. I best go see and make one last, cherished moment, shouldn’t I?” Sam giggled slightly, almost choking on his own tears.

“There’s a good Gamgee,” Merry chuckled quietly, the tears drowning his vision. “Go do that.”

“Thank you Merry,” Sam whispered, hugging Merry closer before leaving.

“Good luck, Sam.” Merry was quiet and out of earshot, and turned back to Pippin.

As Sam searched he was beginning to get frantic, for he could not find Frodo and departure was close by. His heart racing, he had to find Frodo. A loud whistle was heard, and tears weld up inside Sam’s eyes, for it was nearly too late. The whistle meant only five minutes left. He began to run. It was because of his tears blinding him that he did not see where he was going and ran straight into somebody.

“S-so sorry, sir…” Sam choked, still crying a little.

“Sam! My goodness what is the matter?” a familiar voice gasped, sounding very much as if he too had been crying.

“Frodo! Frodo I’ve been lookin’ everywhere for you! Dear sir I beg you listen to me quickly, before you must leave!” Sam cried out, grasping Frodo’s arm and crying still. “Please!”

“Samwise I’m not leaving for another five minutes! Go right on ahead and say your bit,” Frodo welcomed. Sam felt relieved.

“It’s…it’s…somethin’ important,” Sam began softly. “I wanted to know if you knew I cared for you…it would comfort me so to make sure, you know.” Sam looked shy and embarrassed to ask such a pathetic question, more or less bother him with such a silly thing.

“Sam you fool! Of course I do! I’ve known the day you cried so heavily over my leave, you silly Gamgee! I’ve been in such pain to know you’d be gone after I left…to know you still loved me as I do you. It hurt’s, Sam. It hurts and I would do anything to ease at least your pain.” Frodo was crying, holding Sam as he soaked Frodo’s shirt.

“Frodo…we cannot be parted! Please no!” Sam whispered, shaking hysterically.

“That’s why we are not to be parted, my Sam,” Frodo whispered.

“What do you mean by such, master Frodo?”

“I want you to come. Like I said once upon a time, it’s no use trying to escape you. And it’s obvious we cannot be separated…it would defy nature! You are coming, Sam. I want you to. Come with me.”

Sam’s eyes grew large, and a smile spread across his little face. Tears blinding him more, he threw himself into Frodo’s arms to cry till there was no more to cry. Then something hit him.

“I am not packed,” Sam whispered. “And I cannot leave Rosie without her knowin’.” Sam almost died there, knowing parting her would be only more painful.

“Do not worry. Rosie has known all along!” Frodo laughed, tears in his eyes. “I arranged it weeks ago. She knew all along you’d be going, and do you wonder why I have so much stuff aboard? It’s because I packed much of your stuff as well the day you went to buy much at the market! You are coming! I was wondering when you would come to search for me.”

Sam was amazed, sorrowful, happy and all-round excited all at once. “I suppose I should go with you. The ship is leaving now.” Sam still was crying.

“And that you shall! For I love you so dearly, and I could never leave without you!”

With a love without end in their eyes, they left together with nothing more but their love for each other, for that in itself was what brought Frodo to know he should take Samwise. That and Sam’s tears…drowned in the ocean to never return again.


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