Coio’s freedom – chapter one

by Jul 21, 2004Stories

One stormy night the prince of Mirkwood came to a large cottage where a mother,
her two daughters, and a servant girl lived.
Legolas knocked on the door. A breath-taking Elf maiden in servant’s clothes answered it.
She was 3 in. shorter than he was. She had Beautiful Light brown hair past her knees.
“Your highness, ” she said bowing low, “please come in.”
“Thank you.” he said bowing back.
“I will go inform my masters of your arrival.” the elf maiden ran up the stairs,
and knocked on the door.
“What do you want girl!?” questioned an ugly elf woman.
“Legolas of Mirkwood is here.” the girl answered shyly.
“Why didn’t you say so!?” she yelled smacking the maiden,
causing her to fall down the first 14 steps then she got up,
and walked the rest of the way down.
“Are you ok?” Legolas asked when she got to the bottom of the step.
“I am fine, thank you milord.”
“Coio get the tea started!” yelled the mother.
“Yes master.” said Coio ran into the kitchen.


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