Coio’s freedom – chapter 3

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Welcome all to the question and answer session before
every 2 chapters (and I welcome advice)

To: LadyKatherine you wanted to know:
1:maybe they are in love and I missed it, or something. Maybe I’m wrong,
Answer: Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything, I’m a love at firs site author.
2:I don’t believe there is such a thing as an electric shock type thing in Middle-earth.
Answer: it’s more like a lightning strike.
3:what races are the people in your story (besides Legolas)
Answer: It clearly stated, in the first Chapter, All are elves

To: ElvenDreamer
1:what is with all the wicked cliff hangers
Answer: I have to keep people interested!

Advice: daughterofpaladin
1: Words of advice – elaborate a little more on what is
going on, like the music.
Ex: Kinda like Cotton Eyed Jo.

To: Elwen-Lothnar_of_Mirkwood
I would answer your Q but Luthriel_Greenleaf
Already has.

To: Critina
1: Why is Coio a slave to this “ugly elf woman?”
2:Why is Legolas coming to where this horrible woman
Answer: You have to wait for the answer to the first Q, (Telling you that would spoil a lot.) To the second Q, in the first chapter it is “a stormy night,” and why ride in the rain
if you don’t have to?

To: *Evenstar
1:wonder who that monster is and what he wants?
Answer: Attacker is kinda like a hit man that Lelu sat up.

Chapter 3

Last time

“You think you are going injure me?” The monster begins laughing. He pulled out a wimp.
It wrapped around Coio and delivered a large electric
“Oh.” Coio whimpered, then passed out.

Coio’s attacker pulled out a sword and was about to finish
her off when Legolas swooped in gracefully and took Coio
in his arms racing out the door. By this time it was poring down and vision was limited. Legolas made his way to his horse as quickly as he could threw the muck and mud. He gently sat her on his horse, took out his bow and killed the monster, then he hopped up behind the unconscious Coio and rode in the direction Rivendell as fast as possible. “I hope she will make it.” Said Legolas looking down at his fragile cargo.
“Unless I am mistaken, I’ve had worse wounds.” Said Coio trying not to have wounds from earlier reopen.
“Most men would have died from your wounds; there is
more to you than meets the eye.”
“This always happens. Now, if you will be so kind as to let
me down, I will return home.”
“With you wounds? No, we are going to see Lords Elron
and Aragorn.”
“Oy put me down elf!” She tried to struggle, but Legolas
just held her closer.
“Unless you want to open any more of your wounds I
suggest you stop wiggling.” Coio glared at Legolas.
” Were we going Milord, Gondor or Rivendell?” Coio had
given up the struggle.
“First, it’s Legolas, and second, we are going to Rivendell.” He looked down at her, “Are you not going to rest?”
“The rode to Rivendell is a beautiful one… so I’ve heard.” She begin running her fingers though the horses main.
“You’ve never been to Rivendell!” He asked surprised.
“The closes to Rivendell I’ve ever been is when I do the laundry in the river 1/2 mile back.”
“Rest I’ll wake you up when the view is the best.” He said leaning her back on him.
“Very well.” She then fell into a deep sleep.

Hope you liked!


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