Coio’s freedom – Chapter 2

by Jul 30, 2004Stories

“Please take a seat.” said the woman. “I am Lelu, and this is Le and Beca.”
she pointed to her ugly daughters. At this Coio entered with the tea.
“What kind of tea is this?” he questioned .
“Honey tea,” Coio said shyly “do you want sugar?”
“No thank you, he paused, “but thank you asking.”
Coio then fixed 3 more cups with one sugar in each.
She then handed them to her masters. Then came another demand.
“Coio, music!” said Lelu.
“Yes master.” Coio got down a violin and played an upbeat tune. Then a knock came at the door.
“Coming!” said Coio running to the door. As soon as she opened the door she was knocked back
into the living room.
“Are you ok?” asked Legolas knelling down.
“If she isn’t she will be in trouble.” stated Lelu.
“Yes I’m fine, thank you.” said Coio. Then an arrow landed next to her. Coio jumped up and ran to the fireplace then grabbed a sword.
“You think you are going injure me?” the monster begins laughing. He pulled out a wimp.
It wrapped around Coio and delivered a large electric shock.
“Oh.” Coio whimpered, then passed out.

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