Chosen Destiny – Chapter #5

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~Chosen Destiny~ Chapter 5~

And so onward they road, for what seemed to be weeks upon weeks, but in truth it was only just a few days. But it was summer, and the lands blazed with such heat that some swore that it would just magically set ablaze. But it didn’t matter to the two. To them, this was just another challenge, just another large wall they had to climb. But little did they know how tall this wall would be.

Though they did not know it, they were watched by someone. This person knew not yet of their quest, but found it unusual for them to be heading to the sea at such a great speed. And it was because of this person’s eyes that Mara and Robert would have to endure some of the greatest of pains yet to be experienced, even though this looked only to be a simple task.

And thus, after only a few days of riding, they came to the sea. That night they set up camp there, not giving any care for the dangers, for they seemed to be few in this land. There they sat, frying small fish that they had caught. They both remained silent for most of the time, until the sun had disappeared, and the night was growing late. Neither of them could rest, for it was like some worry laid upon their shoulders.

But then, when the sky began to dim, Mara turned to Robert. “Hey Robert, why do you think Elrond didn’t want me to come along? Is it because of my feminine looks and what not?”

Robert sighed. “I do not know, but I doubt that’s the reason. We’ve been through so many things together it is a wonder why he’d want us not to do this together.”

“Indeed, it is a wonder. But let`s not allow our minds to get lost before our journey is finished.” Mara laid down on her back, her eyes gazing at the stars. “They look so lovely don’t they? I do believe I will miss them when we return home.”

Robert nodded, starring at the also. “I wonder how home is doing…I wonder how mom and dad are doing…” Suddenly, a sharp scream was heard, and the hairs on the back of Robert’s neck stood on end. He stood in a flash, and drew his sword, Mara at his side with her spear.

On the horizon, which seemed to be growing dim, they saw orcs. But what a strange thing to see them out like this right before the dawn was to come. But none the less, Mara and Robert grinned, and held their weapons up. “Some just can’t wait to die.” Robert stated, with a grim laugh.

But then, just as they were about to be clashed into, a rain of arrows fell from the sky, and slaughtered the Orcs before they even came close to touching Mara or Robert. The arrows came from the sea. Mara and Robert spun on their heels, and saw what they had least expected. Sea elves stood there, bows held at their side.

One of them stepped forward, and bowed his head lightly to the two. “Lord Faire, and Lady Mara, I am Nethin, of the Sea Elves. I have come here to speak for my people. To you, we shall give our mightiest gift, for we know what power it has. We house one of the Silmarillions, and we are willing to give it to. But only if you promise us that you can complete what you have started. And I am sure you know what that is?”

Robert slowly nodded. “I do know what I set out to start, and I promise to finish it.” Toma reached his hand out, and Nethin took something from his pocket that was wrapped in a white cloth.

“Keep this safe Faire, Son of the Stars. You should ride quickly away from here, for the Orcs are well known to attack here. Take care.” He then leaped back into the sea, and the elves went away. Robert nodded to his sister, and they rode off, heading for the mountains in the distance. They made it there by nightfall, and took refuge in a cave. Robert built a small fire, and looked at his sister.

Mara sat near the fire, staring at the flames. “Amazing isn’t it. I was just thinking about our youth, and the amount of years that have gone by. I feel slightly homesick…I want to go home to mom and dad. But then, look at where we are now. We are in the last place anyone would expect to find us in. In a cave with a nice cozy fire. There are swords at our sides, and horses fully trained standing outside. What do you think it will be right when return home? I hardly doubt we will be able to do this anymore at home?”

“I don’t know Mara…I don’t even know if we can get home. I will admit, I am homesick too. I have been for the longest time. But in either case, I will also miss these lands. Very few have ever been able to just look up at the stars the way we have and seen them for what they truly are. We have learned many different things about life, and have grown faster in mind and body then we would have back in the world we were originally raised in. But I will admit, I want to be held in our mothers arms again, and hear the strong laughter of our father as he makes the fire. Those are the days I miss somewhat, for there we had family. Here we have only each other.”

“At least we have that, I suppose. But I do agree with you. To hear father’s laughter, and be held in mother’s warm arms again would be priceless. I hope they worried not too much about us when we just disappeared into the blue like that. When we do return, I am sure they will be surprised by what all we have learned, and all that we have done…Robert…I need you to promise me something.”

“What’s that?”

Mara looked him straight in the eye. “These lands were originally those of your own that you yourself were born in. If I go back to the time Mother and Father live in you must return with me. Do you promise to do so Robert? Will you promise to come home with me so we can both greet them once more with open arms?”

Robert stared dead into her eyes. “Mara, I have been with you this far, and I am not about to leave you alone. Wither we are in this world or that you are my sister. I will protect you, and stick with you forever. I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to leave you for this land nor that one. I love you Mara, as much as any brother could ever love his sister. And it matters not if I have to go to the ends of the earth to help you, I will do it.”

Mara smiled lightly, and hugged Robert. “Thank you Robert. I just need the extra bit of reassurance.”

Robert hugged her back. “I was happy to give it to you Mara.”


The next morning, Robert woke Mara up, and they began off once more, heading for the mountain that the last of the Silmarillions had been cast into. Robert just didn’t know how they were going to get it, because Maedhras dove into the fiery lava’s with it, taking it to the middle of the earth.


Author’s note: Alighty, I am sorry it took me so long to get this on here. I have been really busy lately. The next one might not come out for a while because I am leaving for a week vacation to Mexico on the 13th. While I am on the few hour plane ride I will attempt to write out the last of the chapters for all ya, alright? Alrighy, I have to go now, Namarie.


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