Chosen Destiny – Chapter #4

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~Chosen Destiny~ Chapter #4~

A few days had past since they had left Imladris, and they were well on their way to other lands. They were going to ride to Minas Tirith to get some answers, for there was held one of the largest collection of mythology, lore, and history.

Seeing how their horses were some of the swiftest in the lands, they soon reached Minas Tirith. Slowly, they both threw their hoods over their heads, casting a shadow over their faces. They left their horses at the front gate, as they would be returning soon enough. They walked past the guards, and made their way to the archives.

There, they began to research things on the Silmarillions. The search did not take long, even though they had to dig underneath a lot of documents to find the information. Mara picked up a piece of paper, and scanned over it. “Robert, I think you should read this…” She held the paper out to him.

He took it, and began to read it to himself.

Here I am now, with a Silmarillion. Yes, one of the holy jewels my father made. But it burns my hand, and soul. The torment is too much. I have but one hope now. I hope now that the fiery clasm of the Mountain I am journeying to shall put an end to this. I can only prey that my brother will fair better then to have to turn to this. Thus ends Maedhos, Oldest son of Feanor.

Robert looked up. “Which Mountain though?”

“There’s only one I can think of.” Mara said, giving him a long side glance from the other papers she was looking over.

Robert nodded some. “You have a point. As soon as we figure out where the other one is, then we’ll go.”

“Not finding anymore brother, found.” Mara threw him a small book, which had a few pictures, and a location on the page it had been turned to. “The ocean near here. I am almost positive we will find it near there. With a little bit of help that is.”

“From who?” Robert asked, turning to her.

She stood, and pointed something out. “Them.” Robert looked more closely, and saw some people, with a pale skin, riding dolphins. The picture was right underneath another picture that showed an Elf walking along the shoreline, singing. It was Maglor, said to be the greatest of voice and song in the world of Arda.

He smirked somewhat. “The Elves that live in the Sea.” Few knew about these elves. They knew how to breath underwater, and could swim to the deepest depths of the ocean.

Mara nodded. “You see, it is good I came along. I was the one that studied. Meaning, I have more brains then you do.” She stuck her tongue out at her in her usual `I’m better then you are’ act. Robert did the same thing, and they both laughed.

They then stood, pulled their hoods back up, and left the archives room. Quickly, they made there way through the many levels of Minas Tirith, and out the front gate. There they were confronted by guards. “Halt, where are you heading now?”

“What do you mean?”

“You just came from the archives, are you some spies for Suaron?”

“Of course not, we are here to help save the world from his grasps. Now let us through.”

“Not until you tell us what you were here for.”

Mara frowned, Robert could see it, even though their hoods were up. She took her spear, and pulled it off her shoulders, holding it as though it were a staff, spear point pointing towards the sky. “Unless you wish to met some ill-fated death comes to your doorstep…”

“Are you threatening the Minas Tirith Guards?”

“No, I am threatening the one who keeps us from walking out this gate. We have a job to do, and if it were spying, we would have killed you by now for even thinking it. So, just let us through, ok. I do not want to hurt you.”

“Is that so? Well, go ahead and hurt us. I don’t think you have the muscle to anyway, weakling.” Mara rolled her eyes, and swung the spear, hitting the guard with the end that did not have the spear head on it. She watched him fall to the ground, out cold. “I told you not to.”

Robert then looked over his shoulder, and saw some guards running towards them. “It’s time we be off sister.” He began to run off, Mara right behind him, placing her spear back over her shoulders like so. They both ran out the gate, a whistled. Their horses came running up, and they leapt onto their backs. As arrows came flying down about them, they quickly rode away, barely escaping the arrows.

Neither of them looked back, but they were both almost certain that Denethor was behind all of it. He usually was, he didn’t seem to like the two very much. He also seemed to know each and every time they were there. Robert and Mara usually shrugged it off, but it did get annoying to them after a while. But life had to go on, or so they’d usually say.

And so onwards they road, towards the sea.


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