Chosen Destiny – Chapter #3

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~Chosen Destiny~ Chapter 3~

And thus, a few years went by, and both Robert and Mara grew up into smart, athletically strong, and wise people. Robert was now 22 with semi-long hair, that he kept back in a ponytail. Mara was a 16 year old, and sharp as a whistle. Both of them knew how to use a sword, and could kick the snot out of any Orc they ran into. They were fighting partners, and never went Orc hunting without the other. Most of the elders would just shakes their heads, and say that they would grow up to be trouble. But Elrond begged it of them to look past that, and at the simple facts that they were just kids, and that most of them use to do stuff like that when they were kids.

Robert and Mara had been taught how to use every weapon ever made, and they usually carried a good assortment with them. Robert usually carried a long bow, a few dozen arrows, two daggers, a sword, and a whip. Mara also carried all those, along with a small spear that she only used if necessary. Mara had grown up to be quiet the Tomboy, and loved traveling with her brother. She learned the arts of healing, just in case, for she, like her brother, was reckless. He more so then her.

One day, Elrond came to Robert, who was out in the gardens, training with his sister, and said. “It is time. Alone you must go, and complete the tasks given to you.”

Robert looked to Elrond, and nodded. “But can my sister not come with? We are war partners, besides, she has saved me many times. You know that.”

“Yeah!” Mara piped up, slamming the end of her spear down, the tip pointing to the sky. “How can I can’t come with?”

“You are young and brave. But with the youth comes cockiness. You shall remain here in Rivendell. Your brother must do this task alone, Mara. Let him.”

Mara snorted, and rolled her eyes. “Whatever…” she turned on her heel, and walked away. Robert waited until she was gone. “Why do I have to do this alone?”

“Because, that is the way Elbereth planned it.” Elrond answered. “Now, go pack, and get ready to leave.”

Robert gave Elrond one of his looks, turned, and walked off. Truth be told, he was not going to leave Rivendell without Mara. He knew that even if he told her to stay, she would follow. Mara and him were just interpretable. Elrond knew that, so why did he tell her to stay, and him to leave? It just didn’t make any sense. But it mattered not.

Robert found Mara in her room. She was sharpening her daggers. Her spear was sitting on the floor in front of her feet. She looked up at him, and grinned like a child. “You didn’t think you were going to leave without me did you?”

“I knew I wasn’t going to. Leave tonight, and meet me by the Ford in the morning, ok?”

Mara grinned some more, and nodded. “Of course. Is it to be more Orc hunting?”

Robert shrugged. “I don’t know, it could be. Just be prepared for anything, ok?”

Mara nodded, and ran to her closet, pulling out her pack, which was already packed with her traveling gear. She threw it over her shoulders, and ran out the door. Robert smirked some, and went to his room. He grabbed his pack, and walked to the Library, where Elrond was. “I’m ready to go Elrond.”

Elrond nodded, and turned to him. “Good. You must understand, the mission is too dangerous for a woman to go on.”

“Why do you not trust Mara? She is just as strong as I am, and crazy to boot. Why can she not go with? Why shoulder her gender matter?”

Elrond sighed some, and looked down. “She just cannot go.”

Robert rolled his eyes, turned, and walked away. “I am off then.” He turned, and walked out of the Library, down the hall, and to the front gate. Swiftly, he made his way down the trail, heading out of Imladris. The sun was setting gold in front of him, and dazzled his eyes. Behind him, he could hear the many voices of Elves start to sing, and could imagine the meal that was being served now. Every night a large feast was served for all the elves. But tonight, he would not be there, nor would his sister. They were off again on an adventure.

It was nothing new, they had been doing this for the past four years. So he didn’t mind. He set up camp a ways away from the Ford, and slept. The next morning, he awoke, and met his sister where he had promised. There she was with two horses. She help her spear in on hand, holding it as though it were a staff. “What took you so long silly? The sun has been up for two hours.” She grinned some, and handed the rains to one of the horses to him. “Come, we should be off. They have more then likely figured out that I left.”

Robert smiled, and leapt onto his horse. Mara did too, and they were off.


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