Chosen Destiny – Chapter #2

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~Chosen Destiny~ Chapter #2~

~Entry #122~
Our end has come, I foresaw this long ago, but I heeded it to be no more then a mere shadow and a thought. Now it is happening, we are falling. I am looking out my window now, watching the city go up in flames. I have sent all the forces that I can to protect our people, but I fear this attempt to be fruitless. All that I can hope is that my son can come back from where I have sent him, and restore not only our kingdom, but also our people. Now I must go, for I can hear the orcs pounding on the very doors that lead into the throne room. The star of my people is falling. I shall now fall to darkness, and bid the stars farewell. To-

Suddenly, the entry ended in a long line that looked like the beginning of the word `d.’ Slowly, Robert closed the book, and finished what his mother had been saying. “To death, and the worlds ending. Farewell….” he sat the book down on his bed, and laid back, looking at the ceiling, as though some answer to what his mission might be laid there.

He didn’t want to stay here, he wanted to go home. His heart had already gone back home, in a way. He was homesick, and he knew Mara was too. This was not their place. They did not belong here. They belonged in a world where there were cars and machines, not in this forestry, woody area.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened, and Mara came running in. Robert stood, and gave her a hug. “Is something the matter Mara?” He asked, looking down into her cute little face.

She looked up at him. “I’m afraid to go to sleep. I don’t know this place.”

Robert smiled some, and motioned for her to climb into his bed. “Then you can sleep in my room. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything hurt you.” Mara smiled, and immediately leapt into his bed. She buried herself under the many covers, and looked at Robert. “Thank you Robert.”

Robert smiled some, and kissed her on the forehead. “Go to sleep, tomorrow, I believe, is going to be a big day.” He then walked over to a chair that was by a desk, sat down, propped his feet up on the table, and went to sleep.


Early the next morning, he woke up early, and saw that his sister was still asleep. He stood up, and stretched some, yawning a bit. The door to his room opened, and Elrond walked in. “Robert, I must speak with you. Come with me.”


After being led to a secret chamber, and discussing matters with Lord Elrond for over about two hours, Robert felt troubled. He knew now what he had to do, but it just seemed a little overwhelming to him.

“Robert, you do understand that you alone have to do this? No other can do what you must. Your Grandfather was the one who created the Silmarillions. Just be careful of what you do. Inside your heart rests the same loving passion Feanor himself had for the Silmarillions. Beware, for you may end up with the same fate as he.”

Robert turned to Elrond. “Lord Elrond, I just cannot believe that I am the heir of this man. I-“

“Robert, quit doubting your heritage, you are the Grandson of Feanor, creator of the Silmarillions. You alone have been picked by destiny to retrieve them. Do you understand what will happen if you do not? They may have been hollowed by Lady Elbereth, so that they became the holy jewels of Arda, but there are some evil that can resist their burning torment. Sauron, the Dark Lord, being one of them. A follower of Morgoth himself. If the Silmarillions fall into his hands now, he can use them for the worst ill this Middle-earth has ever seen. You must find, and return the Silmarillions to the Valar.”

“But how am I to do this? I haven’t got the slightest clue on where to start.”

“You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself.”

Robert walked to a nearby window, and looked outside. Down in the gardens below he could see his little sister playing. “If I do this for you, do I have your promise that you will send both me and my sister home?” He turned back to Elrond.

Elrond looked down. “I don’t know if I can promise that. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how you got here, much less how to send you back. Maybe the Valar can help you there. What do you say to the quest, yea or nay?”

Robert thought for a moment. “Well, the only answer that it can be is yea. I shall do this for you, only because I have to.”

“Very good, you shall first begin this mission by learning how to use our weapons. Come with me.”


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