Chosen Destiny – Chapter #1

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~Chosen Destiny~ Chapter #1~
Robert later woke up, ad looked around. He blinked, for he was no longer in that dark cave, but in a nice bed in a beautiful room, that had many different windows, and the sound of many birds singing. Slowly he sat up, and found that his shirt had been taken off, and it had been replaced with bandages. That’s when he remembered what had happened in the cave.

Suddenly he remember something. “Mara! Mara, where are you?!”

The door to the room that he was in opened, and a women walked in, carrying a small tray. “Good morning, Lad. I have been told you don’t speak elvish, so I’ll use the common tongue. Is there anything you would like?”

“Where is my sister?”

“In the room next door sleeping. She was in here earlier, but she got tired of waiting. She has been waiting for you to wake up since early morning three days ago.”

“Was I really asleep that long?”

“Yes, you were. If you want, you can go and see her. She has been asking most frequently about you.”

Without waiting for her to say anything else, he leapt up, and ran to the next room. There, in the bed, was his sister, sleeping. He walked over to the bed side, and sat down in a chair next to the bed. He decided to wait until she woke up.

That did not take long. When she woke up, she saw Robert, sat up, and leapt into his arms. She began to cry on his shoulder while he hugged her, and tried to comfort her. “it’s ok Mara, it’s me. I promise, as soon as we can, we’ll be going home.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be.” Someone said from the doorway. Robert turned, and saw an elf, similar to the ones that had picked his sister and him up in the cave, standing in the doorway. He also saw behind him the two that had pick his sister and him up in that cave.

The man who had spoken stepped forward. “I am Lord Elrond Half-Elven, Lord of Imladris. These two here are my twin sons, Elladan, and Elrohir. They are the ones that saved you in the cave. Now I must ask you what both your names are?”

“I am Robert Koch, and this is my little sister, Mara. We are from a small city in Oregon, U.S.A. and we wish to return now.”

“I realize how you feel Robert, but we can’t let you go home. This is where you belong. I have been doing some research upon your arrival. I have found that your real name is Faire.”

One of his sons, Elladan, suddenly spoke up, speaking to his father in that Language Robert did not know. Elrond responded in the same tongue. He then picked up a mirrior and held it up.

Robert gasped, his eyes, they were no longer their greenish color. They were a light starish blue. His ears were pointed, and his hair went past his shoulders. Other then that, he looked the way he always had, pale skin and blonde hair.

Elrond then sat the mirror down. “You are the last of your people, the Silma. Your mother was Elen, Queen Elen. That makes you Prince Faire. See, around fourteen years ago, your people were hunted down, and killed by orcs. The chief city in which you and your mother lived in was attacked. With the last of her powers, she sent you to another world, and left you with a small stone on a small chain to help you get back. I trust that is how you came back is it not?”

“…I don’t know…”

“Tell me what you do know.”

“It’s not much…I was in town square with my friends and sister. I had just got done singings a song when my sister jumped up and hugged me. I lost my balance, and fell. I tried to let go of her so she would not fall with me, but she did anyway because she did not let go. Next thing I know, we are both in a dark cave, and I start getting whipped by a nasty looking creature. Then your sons, and some other men, came along and saved us. Now we’re here…that’s all I know.”

Elrond nodded. “I see. While you were falling, did you happen to see a bright light glow before everything went dark?”

Robert sat in thought for a moment. “Yes…I did.”

“Do you know what that light was?”

Robert thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“It was the necklace you were wearing.”

“How did you know about my necklace, no one knows about it.”

“I do because your mother gave it to you when you were young. With the right soul it can help someone to get home. Your mom put a lot of her power into it so that you could find your way home no matter where you were. Now, I do not know the task that you are to do…all I know is that it is you that were sent to do it.”

“But how am I to do my task when I don’t even know what it is?”

Elrond shook his head. “That is for you to find out. Now come, Elladan and Elrohir will take you to the mess hall to get you something to eat. I have other things to attend to. Oh…” Elrond reached into the folds of his robes, and pulled out a book. It was leather with gold embroidery. “This is your mothers diary…maybe if you read it you’ll be able to figure out your task. Good day.” He then stood, and left.

Elladan and Elrohir then took Robert, and helped him get dressed in Lordly clothing similar to that which Elrond had been wearing. When he stepped out of the room, he nearly tripped over the robes. The twins gave each other a half smile, and helped him along.

Mara came walking out of one of the rooms in a beautiful dark green dress. It was designed similar to the one that the maid was wearing, only the maids was white. She ran up to him, and wrapped her arms around his legs, trying to hide herself.

Robert smiled warmly, his sister had always been afraid of strangers. He kneeled down, and picked her up. She buried her face into his arm. “Robert, when are we going home to mom?”

“I don’t know Mara. We are going to the Library right now. Maybe after that we’ll be able to go home.” Mara nodded some, and laid her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. Robert smiled, out of all his friends and family members Mara was his favourite. They had been so close, like best friends.

When Mara was born, the family had been in a tight money problem. So, as soon as their mother had gotten home from the hospital, she had gone straight back to work, leaving Robert to take care of Mara. He had practically raised her on his own. Since he had to do this, they formed a tight bond, so tight that he knew when she was in pain, and she could feel when he was in pain too.

One time, Mara had been playing outside while Robert was inside washing the dishes so their mother wouldn’t have to when she got home from her long, hard work day. He had felt a deep pain in his knee, and, without thinking much about it, walk outside. Mara had been on the ground, lightly crying, and he saw that she had a deep cut on her knee.

He had picked her up, and taken her inside. The cut hadn’t been that deep, but he knew right there that they had formed a really tight bond because of that. It was just one of the many things that came to support his discovery.

And now here they were, in a place unknown to them, only knowing each other. And that Lord Elrond had said that they would not be going home any time soon. That made Robert worry, for what would have happened to their parents and friends by the time that they returned? He had been one who had used to watch Forensics Files a lot, along with other shows like Cold Case, and The System, and had learned well that people could be kidnapped, and never be found. What if they’re parents thought that was what had happened to them?

He had heard stories of what happened to some people when they’re children, or someone else they loved, were taken, or disappeared and never found again. He didn’t want them to turn like that, the way those people had. If he could not go back, then he at least wanted his sister to go back, so that way he knew she was safe.

They soon entered the mess hall, and Elrohir and Elladan sat them down at a small table. “We’ll go get you some food.”

Robert nodded, then turned to his sister, who was still snuggled up in his arms. Elrohir and Elladan came back soon with two trays of food for the two. Mara immediately leapt from Roberts arms, and began to chow down on her food in a very unlady-like manner.

Elladan and Elrohir shared a smile, this is how they had been long ago when something similar had happened to both them and their sister Arwen. The two boys and their sister had been kidnapped at one point when they were young. And, among all the threats that were given to them, they strived only to protect their little sister.

When Mara was done, she crawled back into Roberts lap. “Can you take me back to my bed and sing me to sleep?”

Robert nodded. “Yeah, I will.” He then stood, and nodded to Elrohir and Elladan. “Thank you, I can get back to the rooms myself.”

Elrohir and Elladan both nodded, and bowed at the same time. “Have a good day.” They then turned and left. Robert then stood, and walked back to Mara’s room, cradling her in his arms. He stepped into her room, and laid her down on the bed.

“Oh, sweet sister,
Go to sleep
Worry not
About bad dreams.

Go to sleep
And dreams of sunshine
And sunflowers.

Go to sleep,
And worry not of the night
The shadows are not as dangerous
As the appear.”

“Go to sleep now Mara.” He kissed her on the forehead, stood, and left the room. He walked into his, and sat down on the bed, taking out his mothers. He cracked it open, and looked over the writing. Amazingly, though it was not in the form he had learned, he knew how to read it. He began to read it, and the first date he come across was 14 years before on the date…


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