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Choices. Throughout your life you will be given many, and some of them will be harder to answer than others. Jennette was given one of the hardest choices of them all, and found it both difficult and easy to answer. You see if her choice was the right or wrong one.

Jennette was one of the most beautiful people to walk Middle-earth. Her hair fell about her face in copper curls, and her smile made all the gold and silver in the world seem worthless. But her eyes, they were the ones people truly admired. They stared at your soul and read it within a minute. Cold and gentle as the Sea, and it is said she had her Grandmother’s eyes.

It is true, Jennette was the Grand-daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, the daughter of Celebel and Angavel. Her father was a Faerie, a race similar to the Elves, but with great wings from their backs that could whisk you away in shorter times than to walk.

Jennette had lived in Lothlorien, with her mother ( her father was a soldier in The Great War, and did not return.), until the year of her 600th birthday. She was to go to Sarindas Paran, the lands from whence her father came, to live with her uncle, Angaven. As the only child of Angavel, and her uncle had no heir, it was agreed that Jennette should take up the throne after her Angaven’s passing. This was not to Jennette’s liking, as she wished to stay in Lothlorien. She had wanted to become an Elf, and one day go to the Havens with her mother, Celebel.

Celebel bade her daughter farewell, but in secret gave her a curved blade, Etorla, on which was inscribed
” A Manh Fere Siil” (I Give My Life)
“Laenh Ar Narle A Tirh” (For That Which I Love)
The language was that of her father.

Upon Jennette’s arriving in Sarindas Paran, Angaven held a great feast, and invited many great Lords and Ladies of all races. One of which, was a Faerie from Alanticia (another Faerie city), Rindac son of Kendac and Karnye.

Rindac was unlike Faeries from Alanticia, for they closely resemble the Elves. Rindac’s hair was that of a flame, and his eyes shone a magnificent green. These eyes had seen peace and war, friendship and hate, and all of the wonders of Middle-Earth. But on one sight his eyes would not stray. The sight of Jennette, sitting, staring to the Sea. Nothing more beautiful had he seen from that moment, and he was soon lost to her.

He walked to the garden where Jennette was sitting, and heard her softly sing to the Ocean;
“Fate chose me, of all it could
Fate chose me, though why it should,
Forever remains my mystery,
Forever I wonder, my destiny.”

She turned and smiled.

“Do you wish to speak with me? What is your name, for I have not seen your face before.” She asked.

“I am Rindac, second son of Kendac and Karnye, of Alanticia. And you are Jennette, Celebel’s child, are you not?”

“That I am, but you do not have to worry about adressing me so formally, Rindac. Is ther something on your mind? You look troubled.”

“Nay, I am not troubled, Lady. I am afraid I am under the spell of a great enchantress, and I fear I cannot escape.”

“And who is this enchantress? Does she not know she has enchanted Rindac, of whose title is so great even saying it demands repect?” she said this with a laugh, as Jennette was never one to be gloomy, as Rindac soon came to know, for he stayed in Sarindas Paran for many days. Days that eventually turned to months and years, untill the two were finally married.

Four children were born unto them. The first, Srere, with her father’s hair and eyes, but also her mother’s enchanting beauty. Her name meant Care.
The second was also a girl, Gemmae, ‘Life’. Gemmae had her mother’s hair and her father’s eyes, and was probably the most reasonable of the children ( the other three were stubborn, like their father.)
The third was Lemiach, a boy, whose name meant (well titled) Courageous. Lemiach was his father’s son in every way, but maybe more high spirited than Rindac.
The last child was a girl. She had the most beautiful golden hair, like an Elf, and her mother’s mystifying eyes. For this, she was called Chelte, ‘Elf’, but by Galadriel she was named Alantiel, the ‘Fallen Star’.

After the birth of Srere, Jennette was soon crowned Queen of Sarindas Paran, Angaven having deciding to stay in Alanticia. Jennette could not have been happier if she tried. She was even given one of the Five Faerie Rings of Power, Ahnweris.

But all too soon Jennette’s life was shattered. Rindac was slain in a fight with an Elf, who was jealous of him for having Jennette. She was never the same, happy jennette she once was. It soon became worse. Chelte was hated by her sisters and brother for having such a close resemblence to one of the race that killed their father. They had by this time chosen to be faeries, like Rindac, but Chelte had not.

The day of Chelte’s 409th birthday had come, and Jennette was speaking to all three of their daughters, Srere and Gemmae as far away from Chelte, who had learnt to live with it. As Jennette spoke, a shadow crept behind her. All Jennette saw was her daughters’ faces in shock, as the captain of the Ggards stabbed her through the back. Jennette could see a faint blur, as Chelte took Etorla from its place, and took the guard’s life as he had taken Jennette’s.

Jennette’s body was put on a boat, and sailed to the Havens. Srere was made Queen, and soon had Chelte exiled for killing one of the guards, though in her heart it was a day she had wished for for many a year.

Now tell me, did Jennette make the right choice? Or should she have stayed an Elf, like her mother? You tell me.


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