Children of Iluvitar – a short story

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***Author’s Note***
hi guys!
please enjoy this song-fic/short. i listened to this song and immediately began to think of this. hope you like it!
the song is called “Never Let You Go” by Josh Groban. it’s on his “Closer” CD.
under the Mercy,


I can’t understand it,
The search for an answer is met with a darker day

Oh my love, my Luthien Tinuviel. What has happened between us? What are we going to do? Your father will not accept me, and he has sent me to my doom. He does not break his oath to you, but he still wishes me killed. What will happen to you if I die? You are connected to my doom–you said so yourself. How could this happen to us after we had so much joy? After Iluvitar himself blessed us! I must go alone, I must get your dowry. I have sworn an oath.

And we’ve been handed these moments forever
But I’m reassured there’s another way.

Mayhap your father will accept me, mayhap he will accept usif I accomplish what he wants. The love I have for you is so deep it hurts when I think of you. How could this happen to us? Our time together during the spring and summer was so joyful, so loving. That summer seems like a dream–like the first time I saw you. I thought I had strayed into a vision. How sorrowful I was when you ran from me. I felt like all light had vanished–my world fell into an abyss of shadow. You captured me and I have not been the same. I cannot live without you, Tinuviel! Thus I have to go–please understand, I must go.

You don’t have to close your eyes
There is room for love again
Ease the pain to realize all that love can be

Beren…you startled me when I first saw you. A stranger walking into the clearing calling, “Tinuviel!” I fled, not knowing who you were. When you came again, I was overcome by curiosity. Then my doom was linked with yours. I am Eldar, you are Man. Spring and summer…such times we had together. Our joy rivaled the greatest of the Children of Iluvitar. But, oh, how brief! How quick our joy turned to sorrow. Now you have gone…you have gone to your doom. I long to come to you, melesnin, I yearn to find you. Daeron, the minstrel to my father, has betrayed me. How is it that love can cause so much pain and sorrow? Do not give up! Our love is of the kind that does not fade. The Valar cannot be so cruel as to bring us together and then part us so soon. My heart has darkened since you left. Horror is in my mind. Something has happened to you. I will find you, my love–and we will love again.

Forced apart by time and sand
Take a step and take my hand
And don’t let it go
Never let it go

Luthien! Is that your voice? How came you here, here in the pit of the Abyss?! Oh my love! That is your voice, that is your song. Darkness is fading from my sight; light–your blessed light–is entering my cell. Take my hand, Love, don’t let it go! Lead me from here. My mind is dark, my dear Tinuviel. I am unclean for your pure hands.

Broken, once connected
We were so strong and so blessed in a simple way
So don’t let me go it alone

Tinuviel, is that you? Is this a dream? I heard you in my dreams so often–you kept me sane. Our memories of love and joy sustained me during my dark hours. Now I can hear the song of the forest again. I can hear your voice, singing to me. Am I finally giving in to the madness? After surviving the madness of Gorgoroth, will I go insane here, of all places? Blessed Valar! It is you. The blessed forest where we met…oh my love! Don’t let me go, please. Hold me close. Your presence heals me, my Tinuviel.

Turn your head up to the sky
Nothing down below but me
Face the truth to realize all that we could be

Beren, oh my love. We are together again. Uplift your spirits. No harm can befall you here. Rest, my love. Be at peace. Our love will always last–we are bound together now. My heart is yours. You say that I cannot come. But I will not be parted from you again, Beren. Choose, Beren, but on either road I shall go with you, and our doom shall be alike. If we are to live, we will live together. If we are to die, then we shall walk the road to the Halls of Mandos together. Mayhap the Valar will take pity on us and bless us to be together, forever lingering in the Halls of Mandos.

Torn apart by rage and fear
Hold on to what brought you here
Don’t let it go
Never let go

Luthien, your words haunt me. What will your love for me cost you? Will you be torn forever from your family, from your people? Our love is strong and young, but I don’t want to lead you to your doom. I don’t want to cause harm to come to you. You are stubborn and unrelenting, my love. A trait I was not aware of until now. You are determined to come on this journey…you say our dooms are the same. So be it. For now, let’s enjoy a few more days of love and joy. Don’t let me go, my love. For love is what brought us here, to this blessed and joyful forest–and love is what is taking us from it.


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