Charlotte – The rule-hatin’ Indie Grrrl In Minas Tirith

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Charlotte rushed up to her room, and tore the paper off the package in her arms. It contained a large white boxy object , seemingly like a cross between an IMAC computer, and a cd player. she quickly scanned the iunstructions for the “Book-Zapping-Machine” and thought to herself “THis is sooo totally great. I knew I could buy ANYTHING on Ebay.Wait till Alison hears this” Alison was Char’s best friend, and was ALWAYS at her house, much to the annoyance of Char’s easily angered parents.

Char had been planning this moment of book-zapping for months, even down to what book she would “enter” and for how long. She laid “The Lord Of The Rings” the one-volume set, on her bed, and set to work, tinkering with the machine.
At one in the morning, the machine began to whirr.Char took this as a good sign , and began to scan in the vital data that would allow her to zap into the book. When this was done, she attached the electrodes to her forehead, and switched the “zap!” button. “Please, please let this work….” she silently prayed…..there was a blinding flash of light, ans suddenly, her blue-walled room was GONE, replaced by graying white stones, and a clear blue sky.

She was IN THE BOOK!!!!!Char wanted to scream and jump for joy, but restrained herself when she saw the man standing in front of her. She knew who he was, she’d read the books so many times, she knew everything about this man, his love life, family history, geneology, EVERYTHING. He was Aragorn Elessar,the king of the reuinfied lands, and right now, he was looking VERY VERY angry.Quick as lightning, he grabbed her arm in a vice grip. “All right, child, who are you?” he said in a voice that clearly told her he was trying not to slap her.When she didn’t answer, he snapped “Hurry up,child.Tell me who you are, and how you got here, or you’ll wish you’d never been born” Just because he was her favorite character in her favorite books didn’t mean she’d let him yell at her like that. She tossed her head haughtily. “I won’t tell you anything, your highness, until you let go of my arm”she replied snippily. He shrugged “Where I come from , disrespecting your overlord is a punishable offense, young one, but very well” he grinned and released her throbbing arm from the painful grip.
“Thankyou.that helped a lot” she said “My name is Charlotte, I am a human child, I am thirteen years old, I come from another world, and I am an artist. I go here by means of some socerous powers we access at will in my world” she said very fast without taking a breath. The king looked awestruck. “There are—other worlds besides our own and that of the dead souls” he asked, amazed. Char nodded. His jaw dropped. If he wasn’t a king, Char thought, she’d be hysterical with laughter by now.
In the middle of all this, with Aragorn being amazed andCharlotte trying not to laugh at him being amazed, a tall, regal looking woman with a long face and even longer hair traipsed in, her long skirts swishing as she gilded up to the two of them. “You’re Arwen, right?”Charlotte asked eagerly. Arwen’s pale face grew paler. ” I didn’t tell her,Ar” the king said, and the lady’s coloring dropped two more notches, so now it was almost transparent. “This is Charlotte. She’s some kind of sorceress from another world” he explained. “NO!!!” screamed Charlotte, reacalling all the painfull hours she endured playing Dungeons and Dragons with her sister, and always being forces to play a sorceress. “NO!I’m an ARTIST!” she howled indignantly. the royal pair looked scared, as if she’d done more than howl and yell. “She’s so …” Arwen searched for a word “she’s so young, Estel. Are you sure this isn’t one of Eldarion’s jokes?”
“I’m positive.I saw her apparate in like that. Only a sorceress could do that” he answered. Arwen turned to Char, and extended a plae longfingered hand to her. “Well, Charlotte. Welcome to Middle Earth. Why don’t you stay awhile” Charlotte shook the elf-queen’s hand, and followed her inside to find someplace to sleep. Time travel made her exhausted, and she wanted all of her energy to explore the new place where she had landed herself now.


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