Chapter Two of Elwanda’s Adventure – This is the second chapter of my story.

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Chapter 2

Locland was an outcast always travailing the forests. He would never stay in one place, kind of like a ranger. He was tall and scrawny with shoulder length scruffy brown hair.

As he was walking through a forest he herd a scream

`I wonder what that was’ he thought ` I should go and see’

He walked on and followed the sound of the voice. Then he came to a brush and he listened. . He heard voices behind the brush .He herd rustling, so he hid behind some trees near by.

He saw some orcs walk out and leave. After they left he quietly crept into the brush, only to find a girl huddled and tied up in a corner.

“What happened?” he said inquisitively

“Thoes stupid orcs captured me and took me here” the girl replied

“What is your name ” Locland asked

“My name is elwanda” she said, ” what is your name”

“My name fair lady is Locland I am a wandering elf and if you would permit me I will free you of your bonds and we shall get out of this dreadful place and take you home”

“That would be so wonderful” she replied quickly
Then Locland untied Elwanda’s bonds and they quickly hurried out of that part of the forest and back to Elwandas home.

“Thank you so much Locland, how can I ever make it up to you?” she asked

“I only ask that you offer me a place to sleep and something to eat and I will be off in the morning” he replied

“It is done,” she said, ” now come in I must introduce you to my family”

So they walked on until they came to Elwanda’s house

“Mom, Dad there’s someone I want you to meet,” she said

“Where were you all day honey we were worried about you ” replied her mother

“Who is this handsome young man?” said her father

“This is Locland, he saved from the orcs that are living in our woods ” Elwanda replied

“How can this be there can’t be orcs in our woods we got rid of them years ago?” Her father asked

“Well sir if I may say these orcs are quite real and I saw them and I tell you your daughters story is quite true” Locland exclaimed

“And where did you come from and why were you in the forest rescuing my daughter ” Elwanda’s father asked

“Well I will tell you, I don’t really have a home, my parents died in the great war and I was only 10, so I have been travailing around these parts and staying at homes for a couple nights at a time, you see I am kind of like a ranger, you see my father was a ranger so it is in my blood ” Locland explained

“Well ranger you may stay only for the night and then in the morning it is off with you” father explained

“But Pookey why don’t we let him stay for a while or at lest until he finds a suitable house” the mother asked

“Ok, ok lalital I will let him stay but pray that he doesn’t cause a ruckus in this town”

“Don’t worry sir I will keep as quiet as a mouse” Locland stated

But it turned out very different than they expected


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