Chapter 6. – The Capture.

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“We know why he wishes to capture Lessian,” Aragorn said as Legolas told them what had happened to Lessian.
” But what he will do to her we do not know,” Legolas pointed out.
” All I know is that whatever it is he is planning he wants to get revenge on the both of you,” Lessian voiced. This conversation ended as the company all went to bed.
The next morning as Aragorn and Legolas were walking to find Arwen they heard a high-pitched shriek coming form Lessian’s room. They both ran up the stairs and busted through the doors of her room. They found Arwen standing over Lessian’s bed. They saw why Arwen had screamed. There was no Lessian in the bed and sheets were covered in blood. Aragorn turned to look at Legolas, but Legolas was already running back don the stairs toward the horses outside. Aragorn chased after him.
” Legolas, wait!” he shouted. Legolas stopped and looked behind him at Aragorn.
” I am coming too,” he said and caught up with Legolas.
” How will we find where he took her?” Aragorn asked.
” It would not help for you to try and track him,”
” Why?”
” He has much skill stealth wise,” Legolas told Aragorn. Just as hope started to look far away Legolas saw something.
” Aragorn, look!” Legolas cried. He and Aragorn dismounted their horses. Legolas had found a spot of blood on the ground.
” How do you know it is Lessian’s?” Aragorn asked looking at Legolas. Legolas did not say anything. He just pulled out one of his daggers and held it over the blood so that it reflected on the blade. Aragorn gasped when he looked at the reflection. The spot of blood was blue not red.
” Anailya blood looks blue when it is reflected,” Legolas said. So they both mounted their horses and rode forward from the blood.
” Ah, you finally awoke,” Frantra said looking down on Lessian. Frantra had hit Lessian over the head then pulled her out of her window and rode back to his lair with her. Lessian’s eyes fluttered open. She saw Frantra and suddenly woke up and stood up off the bench he had placed her on.
” How dare you kidnap me?” she yelled at Frantra.
” I told you I needed you,” Frantra said as though he had done nothing wrong.
” And I told you I would not help,” Lessian argued.
” Exactly the reason I had to capture you!” Frantra cried triumphantly. Lessian made to run away, but Frantra, being both taller and stronger, stopped her before she could even get near the door.
” Let me pass,” she said looking down.
” I do not think I will,” Frantra said and as he did he clicked his fingers and Lessian found herself back on the bench and she was tied to it. She struggled against the roped binding her, but it was no use. The ropes were thick and were tied tightly around her wrists and ankles. She had only one more thing in mind to save herself. She screamed. Her screamed echoed around the cabin and outside. Then Frantra gagged her.
” I did not wish to do that,” he said before turning back to what ever he was doing.
Lessian’s scream had not gone unnoticed. Legolas’s keen ears had picked up Lessian’s terrified cry.
” Aragorn, did you hear that?” Legolas asked looking in the direction of which the scream had came from.
” No, what did you hear?”
” I heard Lessian scream,” Legolas aid as they both rode off. Frantra too was leaving.
” Now you do not worry, I shall be back,” he said then he mounted his horse and rode away. Lessian seizing her chance to escape thought of the one thing that made her so mad she could cry, Legolas abandoning her. As she thought of this once again flame tears rolled down her cheek. Lessian pulled her head over to the rope tying her right wrist down. The tear hit it and the rope caught fire. Lessian gave a mighty tug and the flaming rope broke. She grabbed the rope and held it over her other hand and did the same thing. Lessian bent down and untied her ankles. Now free she ran from the cave and out into the forest. As soon as Lessian was sure that she was far enough away from the cabin she stopped and looked around. Just as she began to walk to the North, back towards the castle, she heard a scream and she knew who it was.
” Arwen?!” she yelled. Frantra’s
huge black horse appeared in front of her with Frantra and Arwen on it.
” I thought you may try to escape,” Frantra said dismounting.
” Let Arwen go,” Lessian said through clenched teeth.
” I cannot do that,” Frantra said calmly. He made to grab Lessian again, but little did he know Anailya’s are very agile creatures. Lessian grabbed his arm and the other and twisted them around each other the kicked him in the back and his head hit a nearby tree, knocking him out. Lessian turned away and saw Arwen starting to get off the horse.
” Wait!” Lessian said running up to her. She helped Arwen back on the horse.
” Arwen you have got to ride and find Legolas,” Lessian said hurriedly looking behind to make sure that Frantra was not waking up.
” How do you know he is looking for you?” Arwen asked stunned that she knew.
” I know Legolas,” she answered simply. Arwen just stared at her. Lessian whispered something in the horses ear and it turned and galloped away with Arwen. Lessian turned to guard Frantra, but here was one problem he was gone! Lessian began to panic, she looked everywhere around her.
” Good that it is only a short walk back to my cabin,” Frantra said. Lessian looked around still not able to see him. Until it was too late hands grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back.
Aragorn and Legolas had continued riding in a straight line since Legolas had spotted Lessian’s blood. Legolas stopped Arod suddenly listening hard.
” What is it?” Aragorn asked stopping too.
” I hear another horse coming towards us,” Legolas said looking around for the source. Then Arwen on Frantra’s horse appeared straight in front of them. Aragorn was shocked he jumped off his horse and ran too her as she dismounted too.
” Why are you here?” he asked embracing her.
” Frantra got me,” she told him, but before he could say any more she continued.
” He has Lessian, she is bleeding from the head and she is with him now,”
” Why did she not come with you?” Legolas asked walking up to them both.
” He is unconscious so she is watching over him,” Arwen told.
” Lead us,” Legolas said going back to Arod and mounting him. Aragorn and Arwen did the same.
Frantra and Lessian where back in cabin.
” I would love to know how you escaped,” Frantra said coolly. Lessian was sitting in a corner of the cabin with no way to escape without Frantra seeing her. Frantra held up the now charcoal like ropes that had bound her. Lessian shifted uneasily in her corner.
” Well, how did you?” Frantra persisted.
” I cried,” Lessian said quietly. Frantra looked very shocked.
” You cried?” he asked sarcastically. Lessian just nodded. Without warning Frantra grabbed Lessian by the arm and pulled her up straight. He pushed her on to the same bench, but this time iron bound her wrists and ankles. She did not even struggle for she knew that there was no hope for her now. Frantra held a large blade and a vial of some yellow liquid. He forced it down Lessian’s throat. Then he put the blade on Lessian’s shoulder and cut down to her elbow. Then she blacked out. Frantra had only cut lightly on her arm. He collected the blue blood in a vile and put it on a desk behind him. Just as he let go of the vile there was a great crash and his door had been knocked down. Standing in the doorway were Aragorn, Legolas and Arwen.
” You are all too late I have what I need,” Frantra told them smiling. Legolas ignored Frantra, he just pushed him out of the way and ran to Lessian lying unconscious on the table. Legolas looked at her silent face.
” What did you do?” Legolas asked. Frantra did not answer just continued to smile. Legolas asked Frantra the same thing again.
” I just took her blood,” he said innocently.
” I knew that you would both come and find her so my plan worked brilliantly,” Frantra said happily.
“You kidnapped her to bring us here?” Aragorn asked. Frantra nodded.
” Then why did you take her blood?” Arwen asked.
” Oh, I find Anailya blood is an ingredient in a lot of spells,” Frantra told them. Lessian’s eyes moved behind her closed eyelids. Aragorn whispered something to Arwen and before Frantra could do anything about it she mounted Aragorn’s horse and rode away.
” I do suggest you have your weapons ready,” Frantra said turning around and getting something from his desk. It was a small crystal like ball. Frantra started to mutter an elvish spell. The crystal ball lighted up. Lightning erupted from it, the entire room turned black. No one could see a thing. Suddenly a lightning bolt shot from the crystal ball and hit Aragorn in the chest. It sent him flying backward and he hit the wall. Frantra aimed it at Legolas now the bolt flew at Legolas but it suddenly shot back at Frantra then it was sent toward the table on which Lessian was bound on. The room lighted back up. Legolas saw Frantra on the ground, not unconscious though. Lessian was standing up next to the bench. The bolt had melted the iron bonds on the table. Frantra sighed, this was obviously not what he had planned on.
” You are not meant to be awake yet!” Frantra said grumpily.
” You of all people should know that Magic does not have a big effect of Anailya’s ,” Lessian said grinning. Lessian just walked past Frantra over to Aragorn who was starting to wake up. Leaving Legolas still facing Frantra.
” Well one is injured so he shall be easy target,” Frantra said nodding his head towards Aragorn.
” Not if you are dead,” Legolas threatened. Without warning Frantra pulled a sword from a sheath tied behind him out of sight and sliced Legolas across the chest. Legolas filched slightly. As he and Frantra fought fiercely. Aragorn was starting to come around now. Legolas sliced at Frantra’s stomach. Frantra tripped and fell, but cut Legolas’s knees. Legolas fell to the ground. Frantra raised his sword to kill Legolas. “CLANG!!” Another sword had intervened. Frantra looked up to see who had saved his enemies life and he saw Lessian standing over Legolas protecting him. There blades slid off each other.
” Do not meddle in this,” Frantra warned her..
” I already have,” Lessian’s face was calm though she was furious. Frantra lunged at Lessian’s face. She blocked it with ease, she did it almost lazily. Lessian was still quite weak from being knocked out for the short time. She tried not to let Frantra see this, but he guessed she would be. Lessian and Frantra fought for only a short time only Frantra had wounds from the fight. Then all of a sudden Lessian fell to the ground. Weak and exhausted she tried to stand up again, but it was no use. The she noticed that Legolas was no longer on the ground and Aragorn had disappeared. She looked up at Frantra his eyes showed no mercy as he put his sword to her throat. She braced her self ready for the cut. Then she realized that she was not going to die like this at the hands of Frantra. So as fast as light she kicked her foot up and the sword was knocked from Frantra’s hands. Lessian stood up ready to fight to the death if she had to, but she found her self suddenly unable to move with shock. The sound of many voices outside erupted so suddenly that even Frantra was surprised. While Frantra was not concentrating on her, Lessian went to the window an saw many of Aragorn’s guards waiting on their horses outside. Legolas and Aragorn came in the door.
” Put your sword to the ground,” Aragorn told him. For Aragorn thought that they had finally caught Frantra, but Legolas knew different. Frantra threw his sword at Aragorn’s head. Aragorn ducked but the sword caught him in the shoulder, Aragorn merely hissed slightly. Then pulled the sword out. Lessian was still looking away from Frantra and at Aragorn when a dagger flew past her head. Legolas had thrown it at Frantra it scared his arm but nothing too serious. Lessian was about to go to Aragorn to help him up when she once again felt a blade to her throat. Frantra held both her arms behind her, but this time Frantra had lucked out. An arrow came soaring through the broken window and hit Frantra in the eye. Lessian expecting to see a guard standing outside the window with his bow raised she saw Legolas instead.
Everything ended happily, Frantra had been burnt and buried near his lair. Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas and Lessian were all fine now. Legolas saw Lessian sitting outside on a bench in the courtyard. Legolas sat down beside her.
” Thank-you,” Lessian said. Despite her feelings towards Legolas he had saved her life.
” I know you will never forgive me as a friend, but please stay here with Aragorn, Arwen and I,” Legolas asked her. Lessian did not answer for a little while.
” I would be honored to stay,” Lessian smiled at Legolas and he smiled back. Lessian saw the kindness in Legolas’s face that she had missed for so long.
” Legolas, I forgive you…as a friend,” Lessian said happily yet kind of quietly. She and Legolas stood up and hugged each other.
” I love you,” Lessian said as he let her go. Legolas was shocked.
” I love you too,” he said finally.
” Have you seen them?” Aragorn asked Arwen, for he was looking for Lessian and Legolas.
” Yes, Lessian is in the courtyard, though I do not know of Legolas’s place,” Arwen told him. So she and Aragorn went to the courtyard. They saw Lessian and Legolas kissing. They both smiled and left them be.
One year later they were married and living with Aragorn and Arwen. Lessian saw her brother often when he came from Rivendell with a message. Legolas was finally happy. His enemy had been defeated and he had the only woman he had ever loved for a wife. Lessian too was happy for she had the only man she had ever loved and her best friend for a husband. They all lived happily…..for now!



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