Chapter 5. – The Plot for the Anailya’s

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” I am proud of you for standing up for yourself,” Legolas told Lessian.
” Legolas please do not be kind I am trying to be angry at you,” said Lessian smiling finally. Legolas smiled back at her. There was a knock at her door and Aragorn and Arwen came in.
” Lessian I just wanted to introduce you to my wife…,” Aragorn started.
“Arwen!?” Lessian cried in shock.
“Lessian?!” Arwen cried. They ran up to each other and hugged.
” Arwen it has been so long since we last saw each other,” Lessian said happily.
” You have met Lessian, Arwen?” Aragorn asked. Arwen nodded.
” Lessian and I have been friends since she came to Rivendell to visit my father,” Arwen told Aragorn. Legolas’s eyes were wide.
” Why did you go to see Lord Elrond?” he asked.
” Legolas, please do not get angry with me,” she said looking afraid. Legolas said nothing so she continued.
” I went to find Elrond because I….I…I…I..I forfeited my allegiance to Mirkwood,” she said looking very nervous.
” WHAT!?!?” Legolas yelled.
” When you left I was sad and I felt very alone and the only other friend I had that knew who and what I was, was Arwen so I rode to Rivendell to find her,” she confessed. Legolas was shocked, but not yet speechless.
” How could you?” he said angrily.
” I am sorry Legolas,” she hung her head as she said this.
” You very well should be, how dare you let me down like that?” he asked. As he said this something happened to Lessian her eyes turned a violent shade of red.
” What?” she asked quietly even though it was overly obvious she was furious.
” Why did you let me down?” he repeated not realizing that by just saying that he may well have sent Lessian to her death.
” Let you down?, I can not believe you I left because of you!!” she screamed.
” I left because you left me!,” she took a breath and calmed down a little then continued.
” You are no longer the elf that I knew as a child, you are not Legolas,” she said with a disgusted look on her face.
” I am Legolas,” Legolas aid.
” No, you are Thuranduil, always thinking that allegiance comes before friendship does,” Lessian argued.
” You are your father Legolas,” Lessian’s eyes were still red and in the tears that rolled down her face were flames. Lessian left them in the room. There was silence for a long time, but after a while Legolas made for the door.
” Where are you going?” Aragorn asked.
” I have to go find her, it is too dangerous for her to be alone,” Legolas said and he too left and went to find Arod.
Lessian was running wildly through the trees, in tears and very distressed. She fell and sat near the base of a huge, old, oak tree. Tears rolled down her cheeks, flames where no longer in them.
” Some people can be so cruel,” came a slimy voice from the tree that she was sitting under. Lessian looked up and sure enough there was Frantra looking down upon Lessian.
” What do you want?” she asked standing up as Frantra climbed down.
” I have already told you what I want,” Frantra said walking toward Lessian slowly.
” I have told you I will not help you!” she said sternly. Her face was set with anger. Lessian had been pushed to far this time. Frantra was the one thing that pushed her that little bit further. She raised both her arms to the sky and chanted a spell in Anailyan. A massive tidal wave rose behind her in mid air. She muttered something more and it turned to ice before Frantra. His face twitched quickly to look scared but the look soon left.
” You shall leave Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen and all of Middle Earth be for what is left of time!” she cried, but the voice was not hers it was deep and menacing. Frantra smiled and shook his head.
” You have not the heart to kill any living beast or race in Middle Earth,” he said. Lessian knew this was true . she looked down at her feet and clapped her hands together, the wave disappeared in an instant. She fell to the ground in a heap and crying. Her long purple gown that she was wearing spread out around her.
” I would say you were weak if it were true, but I know the contrary is true,” Frantra said still walking towards Lessian still smiling. Lessian looked up at Frantra standing over her. Her green eyes sparkled strangely.
” Help me and I will help you,” he said offering Lessian his hand to help her up. Lessian looked at his hand. As quick as lightning she pulled a small dagger from under her long black hair and skewered it through his hand. She stood up and ran as fast as she could back through the trees. Suddenly she felt and arm around her waist and it lifted her off the ground. She looked up andsaw Frantra looking down on her once more from a huge black steed. She bit his hand and he dropped her back on the ground. She got up and ran again through the thick forest she knew she was going back the right way. She stopped suddenly she could not hear the horses hooves now. She looked all around her for any sight of Frantra. Just as she began calm down she once again heard footsteps coming in her direction. To distressed and miserable to care any more she stood and waited for Frantra. As a horse and an elf came past the last tree on the right of the clearing Lessian breathed a great sigh of relief.
” Legolas I am so sorry,” she cried running up to him. He held her in his arms as she cried.
” Lessian I never meant to hurt you,” he said quietly in her ear.
” I know,” she quietly whispered.
” What are you doing in the middle of the forest?” he asked suddenly realizing.
” Frantra tried to catch me,” she sobbed. A look of horror took over Legolas’s face. With out a word he mounted Arod then pulled Lessian on too then he rode fast back to Aragorn and Arwen.


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