Chapter 3. – A Broken Heart

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Confused and feeling alone Lessian walked through the forest. As she was walking there was a funny rustle in the bushes behind her, she pulled out her sword and readied herself. A tall figure sprang out of the bushes. For a moment neither of them moved, whatever the figure was it appeared that it had not seen her yet.
” Who are you?” she asked. The thing jumped and turned around.
” I would ask the same question of you,” he said and as he stepped out of the dark shadow of the tree she saw that it was in fact the man that Legolas and Aragorn had been talking to earlier.
” I have seen you before,” she said quietly.
” That is very strange for I do believe I would have remembered your face if I had seen it,” said Frantra.
” I have seen you but never have you seen me,” she said.
” What is your name I might ask,” he said taking a step closer to her.
” Lessian, and what is yours,” she said moving back.
” I am Frantra,” he said holding his hand out. She just stared at his hand. Suddenly an arrow came flying through the air and hit Frantra in the shoulder. He recoiled in pain and disappeared. Lessian turned around to see who had shot the arrow. Tarain was standing behind her holding his bow by his side.
” I never as good as the Prince when it came to archery,” he said walking up to her.
” How did you know?” she asked hugging Tarain.
” You honestly believe your brother would not know when you are in trouble?” Tarain said grinning.
” You always looked out for me,” she said. One single tear rolled silently down her cheek.
Tarain pulled her close to him.
” Why do you cry?” he asked quietly.
” My life should not be this way, I wish I had never woken up that day,” she said as more tears rolled down her fair face.
” I know, but you have been stronger than I ever thought you could be,” he said wiping the tears from her face. She smiled and hugged once more then turned from him once more.
” Where are you going?” he asked again.
” To finish what has been started,” she said walking away.
Legolas lay on his bed staring blankly up at the ceiling and sighed. A quick shadow passed across the door. Legolas sat up and walked to the door and opened it. He gasped.
” Where did you go?” he asked as Lessian stepped into his room.
” I had to finish something,” she said shortly.
” I am sorry, but I was concerned,” he said putting his hand on her shoulder, but she recoiled.
” What is wrong,” Legolas asked bewildered.
” I am sorry my Lord, but I must ask that you do not touch me,” she said stepping away from Legolas with her head bowed.
” What ha…,” Legolas started, but before he could finish his sentence there was a faint noise coming from the balcony. Legolas walked over to the ledge and looked over. There was someone hanging onto the railing. The person pulled himself up. It was Frantra again.
” What are doing here?” Legolas asked angrily. Frantra looked up and smiled at Legolas.
” Well hello old friend I had no ides that this was your balcony,” he said sounding delighted that it was.
” You again,” voiced Lessian. Frantra spun around and smiled again at Lessian this time.
” And you we meet again,” he said walking toward her.
” You have met Frantra, Lessian?” Legolas asked.
” Once briefly,” she answered. Lessian suddenly stepped well away from Frantra and ran out Legolas’s open door.
” Keep away from her,” Legolas warned as Frantra made to follow her.
” Your quarrel is with Aragorn and I, not her,” he said. There was an extremely serious note in his voice.
” Oh, we are protective aren’t we?” Frantra teased. Before anything else could happen Aragorn and Lessian came in. Frantra gave a startled look then disappeared once more.
” How do you know him?” Legolas asked turning to Lessian.
” We meet in the forest when I was visiting Tari… when I was walking,” she changed in mid sentence.
” Who were you visiting?” Legolas asked walking towards her.
” No one my Lord,” she said shyly. Legolas grabbed her arm to stop her from escaping.
” It was Tarian was it not?” Legolas asked seriously.
” Yes it was,” she said holding her head up.
” You know that you should be around him, he is a traitor Lessian,” said Legolas. For the first time in ages he sounded like the King of Mirkwood.
” He is also my brother, you have no right to tell me who to trust Legolas!” she yelled pulling her arm away.
” You left me and you nearly killed me,” she said angrily. Legolas looked startled.
” What do you mean I nearly killed you?” he asked.
” Did no one tell you? When you left my heart nearly broke because I thought that you were dead,” she said as tears welled in her eyes. Legolas opened his mouth in shock and hung his head.
” I have to leave now,” Lessian walked past Legolas and Aragorn and out the door.
” Legolas?” Aragorn walked toward Legolas and put his hand on his shoulder.


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