Chapter 2. – The truth is out!

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Legolas and Aragorn rode faster when they found Lessian’s blood; they were determined to find their loves before any more harm could befall them.
“Legolas do not worry too much, Lessian is strong in will and body she will not let any harm come to her,” Aragorn said trying to comfort his friend as they rode.
“Harm has already come to her Aragorn, I just hope she is still alive,” Legolas said trying to convince himself that she would be fine.
“Do not be ridiculous Legolas of course she is alive,” Aragorn told Legolas. Though, in his mind Aragorn was not as sure as he sounded. His mind was also set on finding his own love. There had been no sign of Arwen along their journey. The sun had already set by the time Aragorn and Legolas found another clue. Legolas spotted a torn piece of material hooked on the branch of a tree. The material was a light blue and it was very smooth. Aragorn recognized it as a piece of Arwen’s dress.
“Maybe they escaped,” Legolas said hopefully.
“Or they tried to,” Aragorn added gloomily. Legolas shook his head and told Aragorn to have hope. Just as Aragorn was about to reply Legolas suddenly turned his head and looked behind them.
“What have you heard?” Aragorn asked recognizing the look on his friends face.
“Horse hooves, someone is coming this way!” he yelled and they both steered their horses behind a nearby tree and crouched behind a bush in front of it. They didn’t have to hide for very long. A large black stallion came galloping into view before them. The man astride it was tall with long black hair and was dressed entirely in black. Neither Aragorn nor Legolas had to say anything to each other to know immediately who it was. Frantra dismounted and looked around him. It was clear that he knew someone else was present. He turned around and looked directly at Aragorn, whose face was just visible through the leaves.
“Well I never,” Frantra said walking over to Aragorn. Aragorn knew that he had been seen, so he stood up so that Legolas would not be seen.
“Hello Frantra how are you?” Aragorn asked trying not to look too suspicious.
“Oh, I am very well indeed Aragorn,” a strangely confident smile spread across Frantra’s face as he said this.
“Are you out here alone?” Frantra asked looking behind Aragorn. Aragorn moved to block Frantra’s gaze.
“Yes I was out riding,” Aragorn asked.
“And you decided to hide behind a bush?” Frantra asked still smiling. Aragorn bowed his head. He could not think of anything to explain his actions. Frantra walked straight past Aragorn and looked in the bush where he had been hiding. Aragorn was waiting for Frantra to greet Legolas. For a while nothing was said. Aragorn walked up alongside Frantra and looked behind the bush where Legolas was hiding. Legolas was no longer there. Aragorn smiled happily while Frantra was not looking.
“He went,” Aragorn whispered to himself.
“I thought I saw something,” Frantra said looking very confused. Aragorn tried to hide his smile of satisfaction.
“How is Arwen?” Frantra suddenly asked with a large evil grin on his lips. A fire welled up inside Aragorn just looking at Frantra when he asked this question.
“I do not know she and Lessian where both kidnapped,” Aragorn said trough slightly clenched teeth.
“Really?!” Frantra faked surprise. Aragorn could no longer hold his anger in and he lunged at Frantra. Aragorn put his hand around Frantra’s throat and pinned him against a tree.
“Where are they?” Aragorn demanded.
“What makes you think I know?” Frantra asked.
“Legolas remembered seeing you!” Aragorn blurted out.
“Ah, so Legolas is with you somewhere!” Frantra said triumphantly. Aragorn’s grip loosened as he realized that he had just betrayed his best friend. Frantra rubbed his throat.
“Where is he?” Frantra asked realizing that he now had the upper hand.
“I would never tell you!” Aragorn protested. He turned his back on Frantra and mounted his horse.
“Good bye,” he said and he turned and rode away.

Aragorn did not know where to look for Legolas. He just kept riding in the same direction they were heading. He rode alone for about an hour when he saw a white horse ahead that he recognized as Legolas’s. He dismounted and started calling for Legolas.
“Yes?” came a voice from behind several trees. Aragorn followed the voice and he found Legolas sitting on a log.
“Are you aright Legolas?” Aragorn asked quietly walking up to his friend.
“I do not know,” Legolas said with a small smile on his face.
“We could track Frantra down and kill him…again, but he would eventually just return,” Legolas said looking down at his feet asthough he was hoping they would have that answer.
“My friend, this time it is not about killing Frantra, it is about getting Lessian and Arwen back,” Aragorn said putting his arm around Legolas’s shoulder. Legolas suddenly straightened up as though someone had poked him in the back with a pointy stick.
“What is wrong?” Aragorn asked, started by Legolas’s abrupt movement.
“I can hear Lessian,” he said concentrating very hard.


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