Chapter 12: Reunited Love

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Chapter 12: Reunited Love

It was the hour after Elrond and Gandalf had finished binding Frodo’s deep hurts. Celebrian stood at the open window looking up at the millions of stars that lit up in the dark of the sky, as the lights of hopes and dreams. One star in particular shone brighter and seemed more magnificent to look upon—he Star of Earendil. The Elf, with a soft sigh, thanked the great Heavens for letting her love endure and end her lonely suffering. She was still clothed in the grey hooded robe, in which she came to Tirion with Firgon; she had no time to change into something more extravagant, for she had many other things to do; meeting Elrond in a better way than simply saying `good evening darling’ was one of them. The other was seeing her dear mother after so long a time. Though they had talked deep into the night, and dawn would soon vanquish the dark beauty of the night, she did not care; all that mattered was that she was no longer alone.
“Oh, Elrond! I am still not sure whether this is some trick of my mind or is this the truth?” she exclaimed, turning around to face her grey-eyed lord.
“Whatever do you mean, love?” inquired Elrond, leaning forward.
“Seeing you,” Celebrian said in a hush of a whisper. She had no time to say anything else. One: she did not need to; two: Elrond stood beside her now, and held her close to him. Now it did feel like a trick of her mind; she had not shared this kind of moment with her husband, for nearly five hundred years! It was hard for her to leave the home shores of Middle-earth, but that was all she could do, to remain safe from its cares and dangers.
The maiden, unable to sustain herself, felt the long unshed, held-back tears finally come pouring out, stinging her fair rosy cheeks. She buried her face in Elrond’s silvery robe, like she had not done for so long and wept, and wept, until she was sure that every tear was wasted. Yet still more she cried and was unable to stop them. Hearing her muffled sobs, Elrond felt deep pity and love for her. He knew how hard this must be for her—to see someone who was gone from her life for so long; to see him again and so unexpectedly.
His left hand was around her waist, holding her close to him—close to his heart—and the other was laced through her golden hair, hoping that something as small as this would offer her the comfort she so needed. With a voice that was lighter than a feather, he whispered in the beautiful, crafty elvish tongue that everything would be all right, and that there was no need for tears, although he knew full well, why she wept so hard.
Celebrian finally simmered down, after she thought that her eyes were dry of moisture. She let out a ragged breath and lifted her head to see the face of Elrond, smiling down at her, with the smile she knew from long ago; the one that was a thought of comfort at the back of her head—-the one that magically turned to reality. They were no longer standing; Elrond sat in a woven, deep, cushioned chair and she herself was cuddled in the comfort of his loving arms.
“Cry never again, Celebrian, ” said Elrond quietly. “For it mars the perfection which you are. I am here now, and I shall never again be parted from you…whatever the consequences.” Celebrian nodded and rested her head on Elrond’s chest. It was quite unexpected, that Elrond lifted her face with his forefinger so she would look into his mystical eyes; Celebrian saw her own reflection in them, and tilting her head back, lowered her lips to touch his.
And oh! They both suddenly felt all the years of toil, and endless waiting fade away like grey smoke in a blue sky. It was as if the space in time while they were separated was erased; none of it had ever happened; it was all a bad dream. Celebrian wrapped her hands around Elrond’s neck and willed herself not to let go until the very last.
Even though such a moment lasted for a time too short, to them, it seemed a lifetime. Slowly, Elrond broke away, satisfied, never leaving his gaze of the beautiful Celebrian. His smile wavered and he turned his head sharply away; his right hand covering his eyes. Celebrian lifted herself and turned Elrond’s face so he would face her. She had not seen him weep so heartily since the accursed day of her departure. The Elf-maiden examined his tearful face with quiet pity, slowly shaking her head.
“Oh, Elrond!” she said quietly, embracing her handsome Lord tightly. “Forgive me for the pain and hurt I caused you, if that is why you weep. Forget the wait and weariness of years, for in this Land, time is but a feather on your heart. We now have each other, as well as eternity!” she felt Elrond’s hands clasp behind her in an embrace quite as tight; outside the bright moon had dispappeared beyond the great Pelori Mountains.
Going to bed was pointless at this hour, so they spent the night enjoying each other’s company and sharing tales of what was and will be.

The morning after, however, before the sun showed its bright face over the Mountains, Elrond and Celebrian were quiet and walked alone amid the empty streets of Tirion, admiring its eerie majesty and beauty. Walking hand in hand, they found a grove, coloured with the pale green an white flowers of niphredil and elanor, sprung from the deep-green grass like beads among and slick, sliver-green, immensely tall trees of the mallorn kind. They stood there unmoving, and yet aware of the elves’ presence.
This was the only bit of paradise Celebrian ever took refuge in, when she needed to be alone; for it reminded her of home…of Lothlorien…of her mother that was now here. She hadn’t gone to it for quite some time; now it was just a sanctuary from the rest of the world. Sitting in the lush grass, with his back propped against the smooth trunk of a mallorn, Elrond took a deep breath of the fresh, clear dawn air and closed his eyes. Celebrian followed suit, except she laid her head in Elrond lap and stared at the blotted star-filled sky which seemed more vast in this Island in the Heavens
Thus they rested until the sun showed its gleeful face above the Mountains, if not above the great height of the forest just yet. They awoke to the clear chirping of various birds, perched in the maze-like foliage, and the sun’s golden light playing on their faces. Celebrian was first to wake and resting a little more, admiring the beauty that was all around her, she gently woke Elrond.
Refreshed, satisfied and full of Elven mirth, the tall pair practically floated upon the grass, as they moved out of the sacred grove.

Walking amid the crystalline white streets of bountiful Tirion, the lovely Elven pair was admired by many passers-by, who smiled, seeing both of them finally content and reunited. Life could not be better and fuller of happiness for Elrond and Celebrian, but there were matters to take up; Gandalf and the others thought that it would be best not to bother the two for now; it was not completely urgent yet.


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