Chapter 1 Part II – The Blood Runes

by May 17, 2004Stories

He awoke after many hours if not days. He was not sure which. The utter darkness in which he lay seemed to calm his aching head, that for a while felt like Grond striking the earth before Fingolfin in ages past. He tried to stand but failed, and landed on all fours like a sick mangy dog. He tried to clear his thoughts. He knew where he was, but not exactly where. A few hundred feet from the gate maybe in some unknown and forgotten cave. Mustering his strength, and trying to adjust his eyes to the complete darkness which surrounded him, he stood and with arms outstretched and eyes closed in total concentration chanted an ancient spell that would cause anything flammable to catch on fire. Roots of thorny plants from the surface thatt reached this depth caught on fire and lit the cave in which he stood.
He looked around him. Skeletons of orcs and men in decaying and rusting armor lay around him. They must have got caught here when Mount Doom had reupted and the ring destroyed an age ago. The smell of ancient rotting flesh filled his nostrils as his fire spell seemed to catch the carcasses on fire, sending billowing smoke through several holes which seemed to fill the cavern roof.
He noticed that the fire seemed to make a path which led deeper into the cave in which he was, and not seeing any other way out, followed the burning corpses and roots. While everything around him burned he noticed or rather he did not notice the heat that was accumulating in the cave. It seemed not to affect him, but for now he would not worry about it, but try to find his way out.
He walked for hours, his fire never sputtering or going out. How odd, this spell usually lasted about half an hour and it was now burning for almost a quarter of the day or night, as he had lost all track of time. His robe was frayed at the ends where he would rub against sharp rocks that seemed like eruptions of fangs from the caves walls and the fetid smell that surrounded him felt pleasurable aginst his senses.
It was while he was enjoying if enjoying can be said the scents and stenches around him when he noticed the soft padding of steps in front and behind him. Cautious and watchful, he pretended not to hear them, at least until he was sure who his enemy was. As much as he doubted that it was the kings men that were here, he would not take a chance. He crept lower to the ground as he walked further down the cave. And then he heard it, or rather them, talking and grunting, and in fear he lay low to the ground crawling to where he could hear them talking.
He peeked from behind a rock and saw around a burning fire a groupd of five orcs, rather large in size to what he had heard orcs were supposed to be. He tried to hear their conversation and managed to slither a little closer to them and hear their conversation.
“Ah, what I would do for some fresh meat” growled the first orc who had his back to the wizard. He had broad shoulders and he looked like the strongest on here. “a little elf flesh would be nice, although I’d settle for some mountain dwarf right now.”
The other orcs seemed to grunt in agreement and continued to growl and eat. Looking around, the wizard noticed a slaughtured orkling a few feet away.
“Must of been a young one,” the wizard thought. Survival of the fittest.
“How long must we stay in this cave here. There is much human flesh outside these mountains. Surely we do not fear men, and we are strong enough to make men fear us again.” the second orc grunted out.
“Shut your snout,” commanded the first orc, as the rest of the orcs looked on with fear in their eyes, “we are awaiting his their return. They always come back. They may take many years, but they return. Until one of the black masters return, I am your king, so shut up before I make you my next meal.”
The orcs just stared at the fire, knowing that it was useless to argue with this orc. Just because he was a descendant of Bolg, he had deciced to be king. Yet none challenged him for they knew he was the strongest and would not hesitate to make any one of them his dinner.
“His time is almost here,” grunted Bolzog, “I felt the eastern winds blowing throught the caves today, a fetid and tantillizing smell in the air. Our new Dark Lord quickly approaches, and when he does I will hand him this.” He pulled a book from his side, it’s covers made of human tissue and binded with dwarvish sinews and written in elvish blood. “it belonged to our former master Gorthaur, and I have kept it all these years, and I will give it to our new Lord, and as tempted as I have been for Elvish and human flesh, with this we shall rise again.”
The orcs just stared at him, hungrily. A drop of elvish blood was worth it’s weight in gold, and here with a whole book in elvish and human blood lay before them, why that was worth a whole herd of juvenile orcs roasting on a spit.
The four orcs drew their crude swords ready to slay Bolzog for this tiny morsel, when from the corner of the cave, a bolt of lightning struck the first orc holding a sword.
The magician recognizing the book as Saurons spell book acted before the book could be damaged. His bolt of lightning left nothing but the sword and helmet of the orc it struck. The other three orcs dropped their swords and bowed low as the magician seemed to appear from out of stone. Bolzog with a grin from tattered ear to tattered ear bowed down and held the book before him.
“Master, you have come” he grunted handing the book to the black magician.
“Yes, Mater Gorgon is here, and we have work to do” he said, evil dripping from every word that he spoke. He took the book and as he touched it, he felt a raw energy curse through his body. Oh it was no mistake why he had come to Mordor. It had been fate and his destiny. An evil smile spread from his lips, and he foresaw the doom of Minas Tirith. An with that lat thought in his mind, he followed the orcs deep into the cave, into Saurons old lair, and as he disappeared into the darkness the feeling that he had arrived home welcomed him.


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