Buried…not forgotten.

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Melwyn of the Fair-Oak stood as one with the shadows.

And listened.

Nothingthe stirred on the air…yet.

Behind him 2 scores of elves dug with all haste. Time was in precious short supply and the task ahead was far from near completion.

Melwyn maintained watch as he listened with his whole mind; soul and body.

The answering silence did nothing to calm his racing heart.

He asked him self again why they were doing this.

"Because it’s important." Work ceased for a brief eternity before it was resumed.

Melwyn closed his eyes for a brief moment before he turned to face the speaker. A non-elf had approached him without his kowledge.

This was the second time in his 891 years that it had occured and both by the same man.

"Mithrandir. Your presence is welcome."

"Melwyn, glad to see you standing guard as usual," reply the White Wizard in a dry tone.

The elf glanced at the desolute forbidden land that still maintained a dark shadow in broad daylight. "It would be unwise not to be…cautious."

"Too true and once our mission is over; we can leave." He turned to the work behind him.

"And how many will die needlessly for a wasteful pursuit?" asked Melwyn in as harsh whisper. Mithrandair stopped and looked at him with sadness.

"As many as will be needed to prevent further unneccessary death."

Melwyn’s puzzled and angry gaze followed the wizard as he went back to the dig.


Daniel almost collided with a small group of soldiers. At the last moment the group divided into 2 smaller units and plastered themselves against the walls.

"Eh…thanks!" yelled Daniel as he ran past; he still heard someone remark.

"Think he’ll make it this time."

Daniel tried to speed up; the onging bet was that one day; Colonel O’Neil would leave without him just to teach him a lesson. They had been steadily going through the stargate addresses from the Ancient Database that the Colonel had accidently downloaded into his brain. Some had been dead ends and some had just been 100 percent pure deadly.

Jack had ben rather impatient lately ; Sam had been as curious as usual, while Teal’c was just…Teal’c

However despite what anyone thought; Daniel had a good feeling about this particular gate. With date on his mind he reached the gate room just as the familiar-but-thrilling sound of the stargate being activated.

Daniel actually saw some soldiers in the gate room hiding their grins as he ran in. "Eh-sorry guys.

"Perfect timimg as always," remarked O’Neil dryly as he looked up at General Hammond. Sam smiled at Daniel; while Teal’c raised an eyebrow as usual.

"Godspeed SG1," said General Hammond.

The team started up the ramp.

"You know Daniel, one of these days; I’m going to win that bet," said Jack.

Daniel stared at the colonel. "What…you started the bet!!?"

Jack signed as he neared the horizon "I had nothing to do at the time."

Daniel decided to wisely keep quiet until he thought of a suitable response.



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