Buried…not forgotten. Part 9

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SGC Comman; Cheyenne Mountain

General Hammond read the report that had been submitted 6 hours before its deadline.

It was the third time he was reading it…and he was yet to make any sense of it. The first time he thought it was a prank.

But considering the levelheadedness of the people that worked in his base (especially the extreme seriousness of Sergent Walter Harriman) he quickly began to realize the report had been taken very seriously.

Maybe too seriously.

General Hammond rubbed his fore head wearily; an outsider taking one look at the report would suggest that the writers have a series of high level psychological analysis done before they were considered safe to return to duty.

But General Hammond had seen too many strange things occur at the SGC. Maybe this could be one of them.

“I can’t make head or tail of it,” he muttered tiredly. He reached for the black phone beside the red emergency phone.

“Sergent Harriman, come into my office”

He didn’t have long to wait. He suspected the sergeant had ran when he was called.

“Sir,” asked the bald technician

“I’ve read your report…and I find it a little hard to take in. This reports states that the planet SG1 are currently on is one already known to us in the …” he had to pause to say the next part “In the famous “Lord of the Rings movies as Middle-Earth?”

Sergent Harriman swallowed before answering. “Yes Sir.”

“I thought the book was written more than 50 years ago. Shouldn’t the….wizard Gandalf or Mithrandir be dead by now?”

“It would be hard to explain sir; but SG1 may have more information that could help answer the questions…and Mithrandir was never actually described as human. It was stated in Tolkien’s books that he lived on middle-earth for up to 20,000 years before departing for the Undying Lands.
General Hammond stared at him. “Did the books ever describe him as having Gould like characteristics…like glowing eyes?”

“No, sir,” the voice was firm and confident. General Hammond sighed.

This was just more confusing.

“Let’s wait until SG1 report back; maybe they could make more sense of this than I can. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes Sir,” said Harriman before he left the office.

And they better have answers thought General Hammond.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Cenaron and Gandalf/Mithrandir had left SGC waiting outside the House of healing. O’Neil approached his team members.

“Okay people; my brain is strained with all the information. Does anyone know what our guests are talking about?” He looked at eah of them. They all looked confused except Teal’c
“I get the feeling that this place is familiar to you.”

“And it should be familiar to you as well O’Neil.”
The Colonel stared at him. “How so?”

“Less than a week ago we both watched 3 of the visual films that described this place in detail.” The others stared at him.

“The Lord of the Rings.” There was stunned silence.
Colonel O’Neil laughed nervously. “You can’t be serious.”

“Indeed I am,” said Teal’c solemnly.

“That’s not possible,” said Sam slowly.

“Then explain this; we are in Middle-Earth; we have met the elves of Lothlorien whose leader is Galadriel; in their company is Gandalf the white and we were just attacked by Uruk-hai. All this has been described in the films and in great detail in the books.”

“I still don’t believe it,” said O’Neil “I watched those movies with you,” Teal’c raised an eyebrow.

“Ok,ok I slept through most of it; but its just too fantastic.”

“Correct me if i’m wrong ; but the books of the Lord of the Rings was written almost 60 years ago and it was stated that most of elves left Middle_Earth for the Undying lands close to the end of the war.” Teal’c, sam and O’Neil stared at Daniel.

“Emm…i read the books because…i was bored at the time,” he explained in a defensive manner.

“Right,” said O’Neil in a dry tone “what’s your point ?”
Daniel sighed and rubbed the back of his neck; a sure sign that he was very stressed.
“If we are in the Middle-Earth of the books we have read or of the film; then we either travelled back in time to that period or someone from Middle-Earth travelled back in time to land on Earth in the 1930s”

There was dead silence for several seconds.

“Apart from that crazy analysis; I have nothing else to offer.”

O’Neil looked at Sam. “Sir; we couldn’t have travelled back in time; we would not have been able to contact the base.”

The colonel nodded. “Okay; that’s one thing to be happy about; anything else?”

Sam bit her lower lip. “I have got nothing sir. I have not read the books or watched the movies. Daniel and Teal’c are our expects in this case.”

O’Neil took off his sunshades. “One question that is bugging me is how the elves got to build a hand device?” He looked at Teal’c

“From what I have read and watched; the elves are immortal and more knowledgeable than anyone knows. They possess power O’Neil; the other race that I think they could be compared to, would be the Nox.”

O’Neil raise his eyebrows. “Them?
Teal’c smiled. “Except in the readiness to defend themselves, ” then his smile disappeared “but they are powerful O’neil. Don’t forget that.”
O’neil was about to speak when Cenaron came back.

“The healers have agreed for you to see Jolinar.Please come.”

* * * * ** * * * * * ** * * *** * ** * * * * * * * *


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