Buried…not forgotten. Part 5

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SGC Command; Cheyenne Mountain.

"The gate’s being activated. It’s SG1’s signal sir."

"Open the iris," commanded General Hammond.

The seven chevrons went on one by one and before long the glittering liquid mirror image of the event horizon lit up the gateroom.

"A transmission is coming through; audio and visual," informed Harriman.

"SGC; this is SG1," the monitor showed the colonel crouched in front of the MOUNT.

"How’s Z0H29 Colonel?" A dry smile appeared on O’Neil’s face.

"Fascinating sir, we had a welcome committee the moment we stepped through."

"I believe they were waiting for us."

Hammond frowned. "Gould?"

"We…we are not sure. Sam can’t detect anything ; however they knew of …Junior but they didn’t call Teal’c Jaffa," interjected Daniel as he popped his head into view as O’Neil glared at him.

"I take it they’re friendly or we wouldn’t be having this conversation," contributed Hammond.

"We think so," agreed O’Neil "their leader here is called Mithrandar; but I think they need our help. We’re sending the mount back. We’ll try and contact the base as soon as we have all the facts and by the way they’re not technologically advanced."

"As far as we know," interrupted Daniel again; earning another glare from O’Neil.

"However General I feel this place needs a quick once over. Something is odd about this place."

Hammond’s brow furrowed. "Okay; at the first sight of trouble I need you back at the base. On another note; why not leave mount until you are through?"

"No can do General. There’s a war going on and its of the bow and arrow/sword and spear variety. We can’t let our technology fall into their hands."

"He sounds like a Tollan," thought Hammond and from the looks on O’Neil’s face the same thought must have crossed his mind as well.

"Harriman; pan the camera so that you can see our new friends," suggested O’Neil.

Harriman was silent as the MOUNT’s camera showed a good number of men with long flowing bound hair. They were dressed in tunics reaching the mid thighs and close fitting trousers that ended in knee length boots.

In addition they were armed with bows, arrows, long daggers and swords of every description. They appeared to be on high alert sending furtive looks in every direction and even towards the MOUNT.

One figure stood out. An elderly man in long flowing robes; white hair and a long beard. He seemed to be leaning on a wooden staff for support.

It looked like a setting out of Sherwood Forest.

"Focus on the elderly gentle man." Harriman complied and the visual enlarged to reveal a large smile on the old man’s face. He nodded towards the camera.

He knows we’re watching him. Hammond suddenly realized.

"Send the MOUNT and report in 24hrs. If we haven’t heard from you; I’ll send SG2. Hammond out."

O’Neil nodded and cut the transmission. It was followed by the wormhole disengaging.

"Keep me updated," ordered Hammond. He turned to leave.

"Sir," he turned to face a confused looking Harriman. "I’m not sure I heard correctly, did the Colonel say the leader was called Mithrandir ?"

"I believe so; does it mean anything to you?" asked Hammond

Harriman stared at him for a moment before recovering. "Yes…yes sir it does. It’s ….elvish."

"Meaning?" asked the General impatiently.

"It means Grey Pilgrim sir," explained Harriman in a relevant tone. That was when Hammond realized that most of the technicians in the command room were staring at him.

"Does this mean anything to any of you?" There were several enthusiastic nods. There were a lot of people who would disregard the advice or ideas of technicians especially when they tried to advise on areas outside their expertise.

Fortunately Hammond was not one of them.

"Study the tape from the mount; prepare a report and submit it in 14 hours."

The happy smile on Harriman and his colleagues faces told him he had made the right call.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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