Buried…not forgotten. Part 4

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"This is bad," muttered Daniel.

"You think," thought O’Neil as he assessed the all too visible threat before him 20 unfriendlies with their leader up front. Some part of his brain tried to tell him that there was something odd about their features but he ignored it and decided to concentrate on the main important priority.

Getting his team home without any arrow sized holes in them.

"We mean you no harm,"stated the staff wielding elderly man.

O’Neil and Teal’c exchanged a quick glance.

"That’s kinda hard to believe with all your weapons pointed at us," replied the colonel.

The old man smiled sadly. "We can stand here and debate all day long. However; if we lower our weapons will you lower yours ?"

One of the men behind the speaker glared at his back. That was when Daniel gasped softly. "His ears are…pointed."

O’Neil’s gaze sharpened at he scanned each of the armed…men before him All except the old man had pointed ears. What were they ?

"I think lowered weapons is a good idea " said Daniel softly in that usual oh-i’m-so-amazed-voice of his.

Jack O’Neil frowned. Nope; bad idea especially with a trigger/arrow happy standing alien before them.

"Please make haste; we’ re not entirely on friendly territory here."

Something in the leader’s voice caught Colonel O’Neil’s attention. He looked at the archers again. The tense outline of their stance clearly indicated that their nerves were as taut as their bow-strings.

"Okay. " It was the turn of his team to stare at him.

"Colonel," asked Sam; worry clearly written on her face.

"Something’s going on here and I think we need more facts before all hell breaks loose." Teal’c raised an eyebrow but lowered his weapon. Sam did like wise. Daniel as usual had not raised his.

The old man nodded and all his archers dropped their weapons …except The Glaring One. The leader seemed to sense something and turned to look at the sender of the searing gaze. After an eternity of seconds the pointed arrow went down but the look he sent SG1’s way was anything but friendly.

I wonder if he knows how deadly looks can be; thought O’Neil.

The elderly leader stepped forward using his staff as support.

He needs to retire thought the colonel.

"I’m Mithrandair also known as Gandalf," Jack felt Teal’c stiffen beside him "and these are of Lothlorien; Galadriel’s Realm."

Jack glanced at Sam. "Feel anything gould?"" he muttered quietly. She shook her head minutely.

Jack nodded and stepped forward.

"As I said earlier; I’m Colonel O’Neil; these are Lieutenant Samantha Carter, Dr Daniel Jackson and Teal’c."

Mitrandair raised an eye brow as if expecting more.

…also known as SG1 of Earth." The old man still looked expectant.

"What of your fifth member?

O’Neil stared at him. "What?"

"I know he…or she sleeps but an introduction would be nice," Mithrandair gestured at Teal’c midriff.

Jack stole a look at Sam. She looked stunned ; so did Daniel and Teal’c in his jaffa way.

"Em-m Junior is his name," contributed Daniel weakly.

Mithrandair seemed satisfied. "I regret the steely welcome; but you have stepped into the middle of a war; right now we are on rough border between us and the enemy.. We need to leave this place."

O’neil stared at him. "Are you gould ?"

Mithrandair returned his look. "A few days ago I had no knowledge of who they were. However I can assure you that my men and I are not your enemy."

"You were waiting for us." It was not a question.

Yes; I knew that you were coming. I’m just glad you were the first ones here. There is a lot you need to know and do before you return—to Earth. May we move to a safer area in the meantime?"

The Colonel studied the group before him.

They could have filled SG1 with arrows the moment they stepped through the gate but they had not.

"Fine; let me discuss this with our command center back home and assure them that we are safe or more of us will come through the gate."

Lone angry archer rushed to Mithrandair’s side and whispered angrily in his ears. The old man listened and nodded once.

He turned back to SG1.

""Agreed; please be quick."

O’neil turned to Daniel. "Dial home."



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