Buried…not forgotten. Part 3

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Colonel O’Neill instinctly steadied himself as he stepped over the gate’s horizon. He had done this trip so many times now that it felt like a typical day at the beach.

Or rather the north pole.

It was cold; even though the sun was out.

"No locals," mused Jack as he tapped his weapon "this is becoming a habit." He looked at his team. ""Why don’t we just call it a day and go home? Fishing is a lot more fun."

For some reason Daniel looked over Jack’s shoulder and turned pale. "Eh… Jack…"

"I assure you; that would be a big mistake, " said a loud voice.

Instantly Jack, Sam and Teal’c whipped round with their weapons pointed at all possible angles of attack.

Where no one stood before was an elderly tall slim gentleman in white flowing robes, shoulder length white hair and beard. He was supported by a long walking stick with a crystal on top.

Jack quickly scanned the suddenly suspicious looking shrubbery and trees. His senses were on hyper-alert mode. No one suddenly appeared out of nowhere without cloaking device.

"Major; feeling anything? " Sam glanced at her superior.

The same thought had crossed her mind.

"I need to get close enough to…sense if he’s gould."

"Wait, " said Daniel the only one not raising a weapon "he looks harmless! "

Jack ignored him and approached cautiously. "Teal’c ; do you see or hear anything ?"

The former Jaffa was silent for a few seconds. "We’re being watched."

"That’s quite astute of you," stated the elderly man. The colonel decided it was about time he addressed the welcoming committee. Hidden and unhidden.

"I’m Colonel Jack O’Neil with my team from Earth and we…"

"Do you come in peace ?" asked the old man.

Jack was a bit startled "Eh—yeah we do. I know it looks a bit odd…I mean our weapons and all…but you were not there a minute ago."

The local smiled. "True; also as your companion stated I far from being alone."

He raised his right hand and more than a score of men made themselves visible.

They all had arrows pointed at SG1.

O’Neil swore softly under his breath.



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