Buried…not forgotten. Part 2

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Melwyn crouched in the shadows and stared at the artifact.

It was old; the strange metal was intriguing and frightening. The elf knew there were several things in this world that he would never know…and some that should be left unknown. He feared that what he stared at was one of them.

Once the objects had been dug up and positioned, they had waited in an area usually rampart with orcs for 3 days.

The 4th day the circular structure had glowed and the White Wizard had warned them to hide untilhe gave them the all clear.

A strange metallic looking …creature with a single large eye had come through the liquid glow. Melwyn had felt…nothing from the creature; it seemed…lifeless. Yet he did not relax his guard.

Even when the liquid glow within the artifact ceased and the creature stopped moving.

Melwyn had wasted no time in going after Mithrandair.

"That was a…"

"Doorway," completed the wizard "and I did not make it and more will come through it; whether they be friend or foe depends on how we treat them; so I suggest that we all be on our best behaviour."

The elf was not done yet.

"We are in orc territory wizard; a safer meeting place would have been …appropriate."

The old wizard smiled "I agree but we have so little time." Melwyn had decided to keep silent for the time being.

An hour had passed and there had been no activity from the gate…and strangly enough no orcs had been seen. They were suspiciously absent.

Melwyn suspected the wizard had something to do with it; but he was not in the mood to ask.

"Melwyn," he turned to a fellow warrior who was also his sister.

"Scouts have detected nothing; but a sense of unease hangs in the air. Something is coming."

Melwyn signed and closed his eyes for a brief moment.

"We must leave this place." He moved to go.

"Wait, " called Salenia "I did not suggest that its only for us to be aware. We have a mission to complete." Melwyn stared at her in shock.

A sudden strange metallic noise from the artifact stopped in the words in his mind.

"They come; stay hidden!" ordered Mithrandair as he moved back into the bushes.



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