Buried…not forgotten. Part 10

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Colonel O’Neil expected to be surrounded by the smell of antiseptic mingled with blood as SG1 entered the House of Healing.

But in a short while he realized that this ‘military hospital’ was unlike the countless infirmaries he had found himself in during his long military career.

Where there should be groans and moans of wounded combatants; there was pure silence; which was now contaminated by the ‘too noisy’ footsteps of the SG1.

The healers clad in light green robes glided from bed to bed; seemingly ignoring the ‘human’ visitors.

But one thing was painfully clear; these people were in a war; there were too many occupied beds.

They eventually came to a stop at a bed; whose occupant already had two visitors.

Gandalf who they already knew and a young female elf with long silver-golden hair.
She was wiping the patient’s head with a towel. Unlike the healers she wore a floor length white gown.

O’Neil took one look at Jolinar and knew without a doctor’s report that he was in a bad way. He was extremely pale and his hair was wet with sweat and matted to his brow and his breathing was too slow.

Something about the elf wiping his brow stopped O’Neil from talking.

She paused in her ministrations and looked at O’Neil.
“Welcome,” said a female voice in his mind. O’Neil knew without a doubt that her lips did not move.

He barely heard Gandalf introducing them to the female elf.

“Stargate one from Stargate Command, Earth; Colonel Jack O’Neil,Major Samanthat Carter. Teal’ c and Dr Daniel Jackson,” she nodded ” Lady of Lorien, Galadriel; wife of Lord Celeborn of Lothlorien.”

The respectful tones of Gandalf told O’Neil that she was the leader.

Her outstanding beauty and aura was making it hard for O’neil to utter a single word. A quick glance at him team mates showed Teal’c and Daniel were just as speechless.

Except for Sam.

“Thanks for bringing us here and taking care of Jolinar. How is he?”

The elf lady smiled sadly at her. “They have been strong; but their strength is fading.”

Sam unholstered her weapon. “May I examine him?”
“You have knowledge of healing,” it was not a question “you may.”
As Sam knelt to examine Jolinar; O’Neil finally tore his eyes away from Galadriel’s face and saw the strange glove like device on the small table beside the bed.

It looked like a healing device; but seemed to have smoother lines and and the wrist bands were quite slim. It looked like it would weigh less than a feather.

He wondered what else the elves could build.

His mind returned to Sam shining a light into Jolinar’s eyes. He also noted that throughout the examination Galadriel did not let go of his right hand.

Sam completed her examination with a sigh. “Left pupil is fixed and dilated and he is unconsciousness.I’m afraid he may have a space occupying lesion that is pressing on his brain and causing cerebral oedema. He needs a lot of medical attention that we can only give him at the base.”

“He will not survive the journey to the gateway,” said Galadriel solemnly.

“What of the…em… healing device? ” asked Daniel.
Sam with obvious reluctance reached for the device.

“You have used it before,” stated Galadriel with certainty.
Sam glared at her. “Excuse me; but how do you know that?”

Galadriel smiled and looked at her in silence. O’Neil had a strange feeling that an unheard conversation was taking place between the two women.

Sam was the first to drop her gaze. “I will try.”

The Lady of Lorien smiled and said nothing.
Gandalf cleared his throat. “Maybe we should leave Major Carter and Lady Galadriel to their work.”

The men silently left.

Daniel turned to Gandalf once they were outside.

“Is the lady telepathic…I mean does she speak with her mind?”
“Do you?” asked Daniel. Gandalf was thoughtful for a while.

“I haven’t really given it that much thought.” For some reason
that comment made O’Neil smile.

Gandalf looked at them. “The Lady has been more gracious than you know. Her close contact with Jolinar helped the elves build the device with his permission and she has kept him alive for this long.”

“I can see the elves are in a war,” said O’Neil.
Gandalf’s face fell. “True; and the losses have been high.”

“Can we help?” asked Daniel. Gandalf shook his head.

“This is not your fight. Come; the Major and the Lady will be hard at work. You must rest in the time being. I fear this might be the only chance you will get.”

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