Buried…not forgotten III

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Melwyn rubbed his face wearily. More guards were needed for the journey to the ships. Unfortunately the blessed forest did not extend all the way to the harbour.

He read the next patrol report. More orcs seen at the borders of Lothlorien and especially around the Gateway.
He was certain that Gandalf would want the strange humans to return to their world when the…guest had recovered. That is …if he recovered.

Melwyn knew of the special device that had been built; but he found it extremely hard to believe that there was anything out there more effective then the elves healing arts.

“And what evidence do you have of that ?”

Melwyn shot up to his feet as he bowed hastily to the queen.

“Your majesty…i did not realize that you were standing there.”

Galadriel waved at him to sit down while she leaned against the window. After several moments he obeyed.

“The proof you seek; would be your sister,” Melwyn stared at her in shock.
“Her blood was full of the orc poison; he must have used a very high dose of silerani.”
Melwyn felt the blood drain from his face; silerani was deadly in that a tiny dose could kill a full grown elf in less than half a day; but it was also similar in its symptoms with many other poisons. It only had one antidote that the elves kept ready; but giving the wrong antidote was in most cases equally deadly.

“By the time we would have confirmed the nature of the poison; your sister would have been dead. You owe Major Carter a lot more than you realize.”

Melwyn was glad he was sitting down; his legs would not have supported him.

“Grief blinds one in ways that you cannot imagine,” she paused then looked out the window “the SG1 are your respondsibility unitl they are ready to leave. I do not have to tell you to treat them with courtesy.”

Her gentle rebuke stung. “yes, you majesty,” he whispered “by your leave ?”
She nodded; without looking at him. Melwyn stood up and hastily left his office at almost a run.

Galadriel continued looking out the window at the small area several hundred feet below where SG1 rested.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

O’neil looked up the great tree. It was hard to believe they were in its centre.
“I don’t recall the movie that much…but weren’t the elves leaving for someplace else?”
Teal’c gave him a mild surprised look.
O’neil sighed. “Yeah i paid a bit of attention, pal.”
“yes, yes they are,”said Daniel ” I think we arrived in the middle of it.”

“Apart from that; if the risk of the …ring is so great to us of Earth; why did they set up the gate?” asked Sam. She looked much better now that she had eaten and rested.

O’neil shrugged. “You think they want something?”
“How about healing Martouf?” asked Daniel ” they only dug up the gate after he crashed here.”

O’neil was already shaking his head. “No, you do not grant access to your world when you are in the middle of a costly war just to help one guy. There must be something else.”

“You mean an ulterior motive?” asked Teal’c.
O’neil nodded. “Precisely.”
“Elves think diferrently from humans,” noted Teal’c.
O’neil smiled dryly. “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Melwyn felt his steps get heavier as he neared the human group.
He owned his sister’s life to the them. Despite seeing Salenia well and awake with his own eyes and hearing of how the female human had toiled to save his sister. He found it hard to be grateful.

Now he was respondsible for them. As he got nearer he heard clearly their conversation.

His steps faltered. They knew of the ring?
They also knew of the elves leaving.
It matters not how…or when. Fulfill your duty while treating them with respect. They mean no harm. Melwyn shivered as Galadriel’s voice withdrew from his mind.

He resumed walking. As he reached them; he noted with interest that Teal’c (the human with a gold tattoo) was the first to sense him way ahead of the others.

The leader; O’neil stared at him. He heard him mutter a few words. “Of all the elves…” The human’s frame radiated irritation.

Melwyn struggled to keep on a polite face.

The man stood up. “Any news for us? We would really appreciate some.”
Melwyn looked at the female.
“My sister spoke of your tireless efforts in treating her and others.”
She stared at him. “You have our gratitiude.”

O’neil’s eyes narrowed. He had never heard a thank you so grudgingly given; but he had to admit it was a start.

Sam stood up. “You’re welcome…how is Martouf?”

“He’s awake and stronger.” The rest of the team stood up.
“Finally,” said O’neil “are we allowed to see him?”
“He insisted in seeing you,” replied Melwyn.
What would it take for this guy to ligthen up; thought O’neil.

“Fine; if you could take us there?” asked O’neil.
Melwyn turned and they followed him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * *


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