[B]The_Elf_From_America_THE_SECOND_DARK_LORD[/B] – The Return to Darkness and Winter

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Elerrina sat outside her window of Rivendell restlessly watching the sky. She and a few others were the last of her people. There were few elves left in Rivendell. Elrond had gone to the Sea. She did not know him, but her father Kaylin did and ever spoke of him. Elerrina knew the day would come soon when she would depart to the Sea with her family although she did not wish it. Her heart did not go to the sea but the stars. She had studied the heavenly lights ever since she was born. She always spoke of them, sung of them, and even dreamed of them. When she had been a baby, her parents had been at a loss as to what to call her. There was never anything very out-striking about her appearance. She was tall and fair like most elves. Her beauty was beyond compare to others though. One quality that made her different was her copper brown hair, which she did not receive from her two golden haired curly parents. Kaylin and his wife Tielna had called her baby until she was one year’s old. She finally spoke her first word ‘star’ and they rightly named her Elerrina. She was normally called Rina. There was not another elf, mortal, or being in the world who cherished the stars as she. At times, she would lay awake all night simply gazing at them. Some of the elves even said she had the power to speak with the Elentari the Star Queen Varda herself. Elerrina wished for the light of a star with all her heart, but she also wished for an adventure. What she didn’t know was that soon her whole life would be an adventure.


“Why must you two always get into trouble?” Samwise asked the two hobbit boys before him.

“Sorry father,” Merry said. “It was Pippin’s fault.”

“It was not,” Pippin said. “Why is it my fault?”

“Because everything is your fault,” Merry answered.

Pippin gave Merry a punch, which resulted into a battle. They began to wrestle around with each other in the presence of their father.

“Enough!” Sam said. “Now, you two sit. You ruined a perfectly good garden in the Shire, and I want you to go out and plant more carrots and replace the ones you stole from Farmer Maggot.”

“But father-“
“Now,” he pointed to the door. “This is what I get for naming them after those half wits Meriadoc and Peregrin.”


Eldarion finished his last pace and his last jump and dismounted his chestnut horse.

“Very good, my son,” Aragorn said to the young prince. “You are learning to ride very well.”

“You taught me father,” Eldarion smiled.

“Well, thank you. I believe you will be a very good king once my reign is finished.”

“Must we talk about it?” the young prince held his head down.

“Eldarion, I know of your wish not to be king. I was very much like you in my young years. I had a taste for adventure. But I learned that sometimes, duty is more important than adventure. The duty to your crown, to your country and-“

A voice broke through, “Estel.”

“And duty to your wife.”

Aragorn watched the Evenstar approach him. Though she had born three babies already, she was still as beautiful as ever. Her green dress swayed against the grass. Aragorn gathered his wife in his arms and kissed her gently. Eldarion smiled at his parents who were very much in love with each other. He wondered if he could ever have relationship like them.

“What are you two boys talking about?” she asked Aragorn.

“Oh nothing,” Elessar said. “Just about how well our boy is riding, how wonderful our kingdom is, and how beautiful you are.”

“Always a gentleman,” Arwen smiled.

“My lord?” Aragorn turned and saw Herla his trusted advisor and friend.

“Yes, Herla.”

“Gimli wishes to speak with you about the rebuilding of the city walls.”

“I’ll be there momentarily,” Aragorn said. “Probably the stiff necked dwarf wishes to take a break or something,” he laughed.

Aragorn and Gimli were great friends. They had to be after all the amazing adventures they had had with the Fellowship during the War of the Ring. Gimli was always stubborn though, but he had been granted the request to design the rebuilding of Gondor and was rather slow at the task. But Aragorn knew once the job was done, it would pay off with Gimli’s magnificent building skills.

“I’ll see you later on tonight,” Aragorn said smiling at his wife.

“I look forward to it,” Arwen said.

Eldarion knew what they meant, and he laughed at the prospect.

“What?” his mother turned to her son and asked.

“Nothing, mother. May I ask you something?”

“Of course my son.”

“Why must I be king?”

“Well, Eldarion. You are the first born. It is a duty and a privilege to reign after your father.”

“But I have no wish to be king, mother. It is my life. Even father had no wish to be king until well until he met you.”

“That is right. Your father has said many times that I make him feel like a king. But he is even more proud to be a husband and a father. He will listen to you Eldarion if you simply ask him.”

“Perhaps you are right.”

Eldarion longed for adventure. But peace was over the entire land. Everything was well. Wasn’t it?


“Legolas?” Emilie said to her Prince.


“Something is happening.”

“What do you mean?”

“In Middle Earth. I know something is happening. I can feel it. And I can see it.”

“I have sensed it too.”

“The jewel that Arwen gave me. It has become brighter and heavier. Something is happening in Middle Earth. We must return.”

“I have not wished to reveal it yet, but I had a dream last night. Darkness and winter was enveloping Middle Earth. Even in Lorien and Rivendell. The elves were powerless to stop it.”

“How can we go back?”

“There is a way.”

“No, no way!” Emilie said looking at the five hundred foot cliff before her and what could be possibly her watery grave.

“It is the only way. Do you not trust me?” Legolas asked taking her hand.

“Of course I trust you. I just don’t trust the sharp rocks and the waves sweeping over them.”

“Take my hand. The Valar are with us. They will not let us fall.”

Suddenly Legolas began to chant. Words spoke from his mouth issued forth, which she did not understand. He took her hand suddenly. His feet left the cliff as well as hers. She felt herself falling, but no they did not touch the bottom. She closed her eyes and felt the wind in her hair. Suddenly, her feet hit the ground. It was not rocks or grass or mud. It was snow.

“We have arrived.”

Dont anyone think this is a way to get into Middle Earth. It was just a dream I made up. I have really odd dreams.


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