Brothers in arms – one of Boromir and faramir’s days on guard at Osgilliath

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Boromir and Faramir stood on a ledge overlooking Osgilliath. They watched the orcs roll catapults in. They were unable to halt the delivery of the catapults as the orcs controlled that section of the ruins. But we’re about to change that! Boromir thought to himself. He turned to Faramir and said, “this worthless rabble doesn’t know who they’re dealing with!”

Faramir smiled and said “Aye brother, we can take them today!”

Boromir said “So do you want to give the order, or shall I?”

Faramir said, “Go ahead and do the honors, just don’t force me to save you this time!”

Boromir gasped in mock surprise and said, “I wasn’t in any danger, I was just trying to make you look good!”

Faramir said back, “I hardly need help with that!” “You, on the other hand could use a few lessons!”

The two of them laughed and walked down the steps to where the company of soldiers was waiting. Boromir raised his voice and shouted, “When I give the order we will charge through and take back the eastern quarter!” We will assault the catapults!” Faramir shouted. There was not much to say more. The captains had already been briefed and all the men were ready. Boromir raised his sword high and roared “GONDOR!” and all the men roared in reply, “GONDOR!” banners were lifted high and the white trees gleamed in the early morning sun. Faramir put his fist in the air, signaling Boromir and alerting the men to an order. Boromir and Faramir had rehearsed this moment many times. Faramir raised his fist and Boromir raised his, and then the lowered their fists and thrust their swords in the air and cried “CHARGE” in unison. The men of Gondor rushed forward through the city streets with Boromir and Faramir at the lead. The orcs looked up in surprise to see several hundred men in gleaming silver armor charging toward them screaming battle cries. The orcs had just enough time to draw their weapons and then the men were on them! Boromir and Faramir stood just out of sword’s reach of each other.

And they were fighting with a ferocity that astonished their foes. Boromir swung low and cut one orc’s shins as the creature fell off balance Boromir thrust his blade through its chest and wrenched it out while the orc writhed in pain on the stones. Boromir then slammed his shield into another’s face to stun it and he stuck his sword between another’s ribs before swinging quickly and violently into the orc he had just bashed and separating it’s arm from its body and kicking it over. Faramir sliced through an orc’s belly and then thrusted his blade into it’s hip and listening to the sickening crunch.

Then Faramir grabbed an orc by the wrist and spun it towards him and then sliced his throat and let it fall to the ground. Then an orc swung a polearm at him and he deftly parried the blow and punched the orc dead in his face, breaking its nose. Boromir kicked an orc’s shins and slashed at his face leaving, at the very least a very painful scar. Faramir caught an orc’s sword on his own and kicked the creature in it’s chest leaving it to fall to the ground, but as the orc was getting back up Boromir slammed his sword into it’s chest. Faramir ducked an orc’s feeble swing with an axe a hewed it’s legs off at the knees. Boromir caught an orc’s mace on his shield and swung his shield out, with the orc’s weapon as well, leaving it’s chest exposed and Boromir struck it so hard that several ribs shattered. Faramir and Boromir looked around and saw that the men of
Gondor were having the mastery and very soon every orc had been struck down.

The catapults were dismantled, and burned. A garrison was left behind to prevent a similar fracas, and Boromir and Faramir went back up to the “command tower” an old broken spire. There they paid respects to the dead and the men of Gondor rested, as the sun grew higher in the sky. The whole atmosphere in and around the tower was that of quiet celebration. The men of Gondor all rested very pleased with the notion they had repulsed another of sauron’s plans. Faramir and Boromir sat down together and began to jest with each other about the battle. “my my brother, you were so sloppy! I’m surprised Father doesn’t give you kitchen duty!” Faramir said and Boromir laughed and retorted.
“Well brother, if I had kitchen duty you’d be the one washing the dishes!”

A few more such exchanges took place until they had no more to joke about. Then Boromir looked at Faramir and said “well brother, all in a day’s work!”

And with that they got up and took their various patrols out on the rest of the day’s duty.


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