Broken Soul – One and Only Chapter

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I opened my eyes. The sky was covered with clouds, therefore there was little sunlight that came into the room. I had a feeling this day would not be a good day. As I put my garments on, I thought of what was to happen that day. I and a fellowship were to go and destroy the One Ring of Power. We were to leave Rivendell today.
My mind dreaded this day as I remembered the conversation I’d had with Elrond the night before. I couldn’t get his words out of my mind. I would leave and possibly never come back. And if I failed to return, what was to become of Arwen? I loved her but the time of Elves had ended. If I died in battle she would miss her chance to go to the Grey Havens. And she would be made to stay here in this world, alone.
I did not want her to suffer in that way. So in order for her to go, I would have to take away her reason for staying. Even if it meant I would be alone.
The Fellowship members were gathering at the enterance of Rivendell. I already knew most of the members of the Fellowship; Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Legolas. But the two I did not know were Gimli and Boromir. How would they act in situations like the ones they would discover? Would they fail to do their duty? Would they step too close to the ring?
As I made my way down to the enterance I was still placing everything where it needed to be. All my knifes were to be secure, my bow strapped correctly, and my sword in place.
“Our time here is ending,” Elrond had said the night before. “Arwen’s time is ending. Let her go.” Elrond pleaded in my memory. “Let her take the ship into the west. Let her bear away her love for to the Undying Lands. There it will be ever green.” His eyes narrowed on me.
I took in a breath. “But never more than a memory.”
Elrond’s words grew hard. “I will not leave my daughter here to die.”
“She stays because she still has hope-” I argued.
“She stays for you.” Elrond interrupted, “She belongs with her people.”
I stood, silent. What could I say? Elrond was right. She did belong with her people. I knew Elrond thought she should go, and in a way, I did, too. The only question now was would I try and make her do it? I, not wanting to hold to this conversation any longer, walked away. I pondered over this conversation, in vain, to try to find a solution.
I walked down a flight of stairs. What would I do? Should I go to Arwen? By the time I had thought of these things, it was too late. She had come to me.
“Is this how you would take you leave?” spoke a voice.
I turned and paused. Arwen walked, gracefully, out from behind a pillar. She had caught me off guard. What was I suppose to say, now? I sighed quietly as she walked around me from behind. I desided I would continue my pace of walking with my head lowered. Maybe telling her wasn’t such a good idea.
“Did you think you could slip away at first light – unnoticed?” she continued.
I looked up at her. I would not jump around with small talk like this. I was going to be straight with her. “I will not be coming back.”
I brushed past her, walking on, hoping she would not follow. She did. She continued following him in confusion. She tried to think of why he would not come back. She thought of the only logical reason.
“You underestimate your skill in battle. You will come back.” she reasured me in vain.
I turned his head slightly and gulped. “It is not of death in battle that I speak.” I said, with pain in my voice.
She touched my arm to motion me to stop. I looked up at her. I didn’t wish to continue this painful conversation. But she wanted to understand what I was trying to tell her.
“What do you speak of?”
We stood now, together, alone. I tried to think of a way how to explain. I swallowed hard, trying to keep an eye contact with her. This had to be the most painful conversation in the history of Middle-earth
“You have a chance for another life…” I saw the tears showing through her eyes, now, “…away from war… grief, dispair.” It was so hard to look at her. I tried thinking of something else to say but she didn’t let me.
“Why are you saying this?” her voice lowered to a whisper.
Now, I looked deep in her eyes, but my legs were starting to give in. I had to tell her the complete truth. “I am mortal. You are Elf-kind.” I paused, still looking for words to say. Still trying to fit them together. “It was a dream, Arwen. Nothing more.” The words were out before I could think. Before I could stop them. Before I could turn back. It was done.
I should have walked away that moment, exept, I couldn’t move. I had frozen in pain.
In that moment her heart cracked, I could feel it, but she still had held on to some hope. He is wrong, she thought, it was more then just a dream, it had to be! “I don’t believe you.” she managed to say.
But I had to make sure it was over. Looking down, I took her hand, and opened mine. There, in the palm of my hand, was the Evenstar. She looked down at it. “This belongs to you.” I whispered.
She looked back at me, holding back the tears. I was not coming back. But if I wasn’t, how would she survive? What life would she live? How would she live it? She had based her life with me and now I would not continue with her. But if I would not, she would at least make sure I had something of her with me.
“It was a gift.” she closed my hand around the Evenstar. “Keep it.”


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