Brian Boru le Plur na mBan – Chapter one. A king of the hills, of whom naught may speak

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There once was an elven lord who was of fairest beauty. He was kind and Loving and nauhgt who crossed his paths ever felt fear nor loathing. His hair was long as the summer’s days, his skin as fair as snow, his lips were of a rosie red, and his body was long and thin. He was a great ruler and his people of the hills were happy and merry under his command.
Brian Boru, His hair blown astray by the gael’s winds, stood nigh to where the river banks lie. And so thus sang he: ” Upon the banks of the river he lay to sleep and he dreamt the strangest dream. He saw pale kings and princes too, pale royals death pale they all seemed. They cried ‘la Belle dame sans mercie’ a fairies song and fading from, and he awoke and found himself on the cold hillside.”
But it was then that a great ship rose before the elfin and he saw that it was wrough of silver and of gold. ” Hail!” cried those upon the ship, ” Hail to Brian Boru.”
” What such tidings has brought you here, my lord Thranduil of the Greenwood realm, and his son, Legolas, prince?”
“I have brought to you my daughter, Plur na mBan,” Thranduil said, ” for was it not that I found you crooning upon her beauty? Or is this….not so?”
” It is so.” Said Thranduil, ” For I love your young daughter, Plur na mBan.”
And so Thranduil rtreated within the great ship and his son Legolas remained behind. He looked upon Brian Boru with loating and disgust.
” Be I not of Highest blood as thee, prince Legolas, But am I not the lord of many lands?” Thranduil spoke unto the prince. ” Will your sister be not happy in my arms?”
” My sister is foolish for to love a wretch such as you.” Were the prince’s only words. He turned and left silently as Thranduil came. Upon his arm was a spirit, shrouded in white and gold. The woman raised her veils and smiled upon Brian Boru. ” Welcome to my lands.” Brian Boru said as he took the hand of the lady. ” Long have I awaited your footsteps to grace these hills!”
” Long have I awaited to grace them, my lord.” Plur na mban said with a sigh and she turned to her father. ” I bid you farewell, father,” She said, ” And do not mourn my leaving?”
” I shall, my daughter,” Thranduil said to her,” for no more shall you be at my side.”
Whereupon he swiftly turned and steered his ship away o’er the misty waers of the river.
Brian Boru took the fair lady by her snow white hands and took her to the banks of the river. ” Say now that you love me, my lord,” Said the lady softly, ” And I shall forever be willing and by your side,”
” I love you, Plur na mBan, and well you know this,” Said Brian Boru, ” for was it not beneath the light of the moon, within the halls of the Malorn tree, that I was wounded? Did not you aid my plight?”
” And was it not so that whilst I lay sleeping you came to my side?” Said Plur na mBAn as she smiled, ” And was it not that then you said that you loved me? Nay, for now I donot crave for your words. Come, for I am weary of travel and I long for sleep.”
And so Brian Boru took the lady in his arms and lfted her high onto the saddle of his snow white steed, before him.
They traveled swiftly over the rising hills as the moon rose and then they came unto the halls of Tuatha De Dannan, the faerey halls. They were the halls of the elfin, and Brian Boru was their king.
” You shall forever be safe and well within my halls, Plur na mBan.” Brian Boru said softly, ” And forever shall I fight for thine life.”
And so they entered the halls of the king, and there was much rejoicing upon their behalf. Plur na mBan loved dearly her fair lord, and he dearly loved his far lady. Bt theyknew not that thier merriment would come to grief and that life would be death.


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