Brego, A Horse’s Tail – THE SEQUEL BEGINS! – Three Strangers

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DISCLAIMER! – Still not a Tolkien…***…but, i do hope that you all enjoy this! Oh, and i dont own Black Beauty either.

Just so u kno, this is slightly different from the film and the book, bcoz of the way the last part ended.


Brego – A Horse’s Tail

Once again, my life has proved that you will never really know what lies in wait for you around the corner. I told you my tale, long ago, to where I met Lord Aragorn – I thought I had had my share of adventures then. Yet I was wrong. So wrong. Just like before, my heart was wrenched from my chest and torn to pieces. And just like before, hope returned, and my heart was mended. This one last time, I will tell my story, in the hope that my memory might live on. This one last time, I will take you back to the land of my birth…..

As I have said before, the year of the fall of Théodred also saw the coming of Three Strangers to Rohan. One was a dwarf, the other an elf, and the last a man. Gimli, son of Glóin, Legolas of Northern Mirkwood, and Aragorn, son of Arathron.

At the time, I remember thinking it strange that the elf, Legolas, should come from a place called Mirkwood. Such a dark and gloomy name, I thought to myself, how could he come from there? For he was fair, the fairest being I have ever seen. Genlte, wise, and old, very old, I could sense that much even if the people of Edoras couldn’t. Another unknown one amongth them only encourages rumours and mistrust. Yet we horse’s have a nack for these things – we can tell if some one is evil or the like. It’s all in the way they speak, they move, even how they listen. Most of all, it’s in their eyes. I once heard some one say, that the eyes are the window to the soul. They couldn’t have been more right. The Race of Men give away far more about themselves than I feel they would like to. If you would only stop to look at a person, you could learn everything you needed to know in a instant. That is, if a horse may have an opinion.

The dwarf, Gimli, was one of the most curious things I had ever seen. Short and shout, with a lot of armour, hair and noise to make up for his small height. He had a deep booming voice, quite alarming when I first heard it, but once I was used to it, I actually found it quite amusing. He and the elf were obviously good friends, even the humans could see that. How they would make us laugh with their antics, which usually consisted of insulting each other with very silly comments. We I say we, I mean myself, Snowmane and Firefoot – for at that time, Snowmane was the King’s horse, seeing how Shadowfax was now considered Gandalf’s. Arod and Hasufel were in fact bearing the three strangers on their backs, which made it even more peculiar. So Legolas and Gimli were like a breath of fresh to a stale room in Edoras. i think it made a lot of people realise that not everyone from outside out own borders wanted to make war. The fact that they were also like chalk and cheese was quite astonishing.

Yet no matter how fair, or funny the other two might be, Aragorn was the only one who ever really understood. I would have said me, my pain, my life…and that a horse is so much more than just an object to own. For he did understand that, but he knew more about everything it seemed. He, like Legolas, was old – not as old, granted, though I’ll admit he looked older. His eyes showed a great deal of wisdom and a knowledge of the world around him that I have never seen in a man. He carried a great weight upon his shoulders, a constant burden on his heart. In this way, I suppose I felt I could relate to him, if a horse may be so bold. I know now that his cares were far vaster than mine, but they had the same effect on him, as I beleive they had on me. Not that he would ever let others see this – he was the only human who could even begin to understand what his eyes told.

But I am side tracking – and must continue with my story…

(in the next chapter – hehehe…)


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