Brego – A Horse’s Tail Part 3 – Royal Meetings

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Within a week, our master seemed happy that we were fine with the tack and that now it was time for us to try to be ridden. I do feel for those brave boys they chose to first get on us, for we were having none of it. The bridle was bad enough! – but to be expected to carry someone? Not yet, I wasn’t ready it was too soon! I remember, they would hold us in a confined space while the boys climbed on, then they would just let us loose in the paddock. How many times I threw my rider off I don’t know, but it was more than the others, save Silver, so we started to hold our own competitions to see who could chuck them the most!

It must have been the third day into our being broken in that he came. A tall, fair haired man, young and full of a kingly aurora and the very air became humbled at his presence. At the time, Eosso was tacking me up and as usual I was refusing to take the bit.

“Here,” he said, “let me try.” My Master swung around and gasped.

“My Lord!” he breathed and handed the bridle to him. He was obviously someone of great importance and this made my master very nervous. I don’t know why, but I inherited his feelings and became very excited. Who was this man? I wondered. I flitted around and neighed very loudly but he seemed undeterred.

“Come here, boy,” he said quietly, “it’s alright, don’t be so silly now. No-one’s going to hurt you.” Immediately I knew he could be trusted. His voice was calm and soothing and gentle, and it quietened my high spirits. Obediently, I allowed him to put the bit in my mouth and stroke my neck.

“What’s his name and who were his parents?” asked the man.

“My Lord, he is Brego of Beauty and Fire Bringer.” replied Eosso.

“Théodred, would you like to ride him?” asked the master tentatively. Théodred! But he was son of King Théoden – what was he doing here?! Maybe it was the knowledge that I was in the company of royalty, but I arched my neck and lifted my tale so that it streamed like a banner in the wind.

“Yes – yes I would Eosso.” he smiled and he suddenly without warning leapt lightly onto my back. If it had been anyone else, I believe I would of charged around and thrown him off, but his constant gentle voice kept me still. He swung me sharply around and headed out of the stable yard at a walk, Eosso at my side.

“What has he done before?” asked Théodred.

“Nothing – only the boys have ridden him so far in the paddock. You’re the first he seems to like enough not to chuck off!”

“Really? Well let’s see what he can do then!” and for the first time in my life, I was spurred on. I didn’t really understand what he was asking me to do, so I followed my instincts – and they told me to run . With an almighty neigh and a rear, I galloped off with the Prince of Rohan on my back, who was laughing loudly. At first I didn’t know why – but then I realized that he and I could become one, I found this business was perfectly glorious!

For the entire day, we sped across the plains together, over what seemed like every hill and all the rolling seas of grass you could ever imagine. I knew at once that I had found my true Master. It was late that evening when we returned. I was sweating and breathing loudly, but I was not tired – with Théodred on my back I could have run on forever. But the Prince returned me to Eosso, asking when I would be ready to move on. My master said he had never seen such progress in a horse and that at this rate; I would be ready to go within the month. This made me very happy and that night in the field we started to discuss our futures – not that we had any control over them of course, but a horse can dream cant he?


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