Brego – A Horse’s Tail – Never to own, but to be owned.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the rights to The Lord of the Rings – still. Oh well… nor do I own Black Beauty.

Summary: Brego may have had brief glimpses on screen, but his life has been harder than anyone could imagine…..and here, he tells us of his past. Please read and review.


My life has never been easy. I live in a time when war looms ever over all the lands and a shadow lies on the hearts of men and beast a like. These are hard times and sad – many a good horse I have seen ride valiantly into battle, only to return broken and crippled, or not to return at all. Yet times were not always like this – there was a time that I remember when the sun shone on the lands and fear was few and far between. Let me take you back, back to the days of a rolling green sea of grass and the days of my youth…

I had always wanted to be a war horse, I know that much. When I was but a young foal, my mother would tell me of the great deeds that were done in lands far beyond our own and of the brave horses that left to join them. Our paddock was near to the city of the King, and I would often watch the men riding to and fro, sometimes leaving in great companies and heading south, sometimes returning. When they were close enough, I would run along side the fence with them and the men would smile and talk to me. But their horses were tall and long-legged, and they would out strip me quickly. Yet I always knew in my heart that one day, I would follow in their wake, bearing a great warrior on my back.

My mother was a kindly mare. She taught me right from wrong at a very early age and that if I caught the eye of a captain then I would be such an honorable horse that others would admire me. So that was my goal. She also said to me to have manners, and to never do anything without being asked unless it was necessary. Above all, she taught me to be loyal and true and to always be brave and stick something through to the end.

I spent to blissful years with my mother in our quiet paddock – but when I turned two, my master, Eosso, turned me out with the other colts of my age. We were given more freedom than we had ever been given as foals and we loved it. Day after day, we would be moved across the plains of Rohan, our own country, and I only just began to realize how vast the world was. Being in our small paddock, the events of far away had been but a rumor and a story, yet they never seemed that far away. Now I understood the hugeness of the world and, for the most part, the small part I had to play in it.

In our herd of colts there were 6 – myself, Arod, Hasufel, Snowmane, Firefoot and another horse I had not seen before, whom we named Silver, a name based entirely upon the colour of his coat. For we were young then, care free, and we did not see the greatness within him, not at that time at least – to us, he was just another playmate. Silver and I quickly became close friends, and so it has remained. He was always the leader in our games, and I would have second command, and the others would follow. For two happy, wondrous years we roamed the plains with our kind master and we enjoyed our freedom, thinking no one could ever take it away from us. We didn’t realize until too late just how naive we were…


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