Breathe – Chapter 2

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Vanwanna and Itariel walked up to the horses. Vanwanna started to pet one of them and started to pick a name. Itariel, on the other hand, was completely terrified.

“Nice horse. Please don’t bite me!” The horse turned and walked towards her. Itariel jumped back and fell over. The white horse started to tap her in a friendly way, but Itariel gave a yelp and crawled back.

“It’s not like it’s going to eat you.” Vanwanna said as she pulled back the horse that was following Itariel. Vanwanna turned and slowly got on her horse. She tried to act brave but inside she was terrified and whispered to herself,”Think if a happy place!” Though after a while she got really comfortable. She never rode a horse before and it looked pretty easy.

“You’re right. It’s just a horse.” Itariel said proudly. She got up on the horse and said, “So… go… Horse? Yeah, that will be your name! Go Horse!” She said to the horse.

“Horse!?! You can’t call your horse ‘Horse’!”

“Why not? It’s a name. What is horse’s name, or do you have one?”

“Well… I haven’t picked one yet. How about Crystal?”

“Whatever, so where now?” said Itariel.

“Let’s go to Rohan.” Vanwanna said.

“Rohan? Why there?”

“Well… Why we are here we might as well be useful. So go, Crystal!” Vanwanna said and kicked her horse. She was off. And then she wasn’t. Before she knew it, she had fallen sideways off the horse. “Ok, so it is not so easy,” she muttered from the ground.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“We’ll get the hang of this eventually.” And after about three hours they did. Sort of.

“To Rohan!”Itariel yelled and kicked her horse to direct it up a hill.

Vanwanna followed and pointed South. “That looks like Rohan.”

“How do you know that?” Itariel asked.

“Because it looks like the hills in the movie and that’s all we got right now.”

“Well, if you’re wrong and somehow we end up in Mordor, I’ll kill you!”

“Well, come on,” Vanwanna then kicked her horse and headed south.

That night, Vanwanna woke up to find Itariel sitting up and looking at the stars. “What are you doing up?” Itariel jumped at the sound of Vanwanna’s voice.

“I was just thinking, if we are here, are we in our world too? Do we exist in our world , or are our parents scared to death wondering where we are?”

Vanwanna could not answer and Itariel didn’t seem to mind.

“There it is, Rohan!” Itariel said after days of riding. “So, do we go to Edoras?”

Before she could answer she heard screaming. They looked down and saw a small town. They rode down and heard a woman saying,” Eothain, Eothain! You take your sister, you’ll go faster with just two.” A bou mounted a horse that the woman was next to.

A little girl cried, “Father says Eothain must not Kennoff, he’s too big for him!” The women put the girl up onto the horse in front of the boy.

Then the woman said to the boy “Listen to me, you must ride to Edoras and raise the alarm. Do you understand me?”

The boy answered, “Yes, momma.” The girl started to cry and reached out for her mother.
I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to go, momma,” said the little girl

“Freda, I will find you there.”

She kissed Freda on the cheek, and a scream was heard not too far away. Vanwanna and Itariel could see the wild men coming quickly down the hill toward the small village.

“Quickly!” The kids take off on the horse. “Go, child.”

The wild men and orcs attacked the village. The children looked back the the top of the hill. Freda was still crying.
“Come on Itariel.” Vanwanna turned her horse and followed the two kids.

“What? And leave these people to die!” Itariel yelled back.

“What can we do? We can’t fight!” Vanwanna grabbed Horse’s reigns and pulled Itariel away from the town.

“What are you doing? We have to do something!” Itariel said as she took her horse’s reigns back.

“We can’t do anything! We will go to Edoras!” Vanwanna yelled back.

The followed the two kids to Edoras! It is so beautiful!” Vanwanna said when she saw it. They headed towards the gate of Edoras and was somehow happier than they have been in days.


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