Bound Together – A Poem

by Jul 22, 2002Stories

Nine bound by one,
Good bound by evil.
The ring binds the nine in darkness and in death.
Gandalf wise and proud,
Boromir doomed to die like his ancestors,
Strider fearless, brave, and strong,
Sam loyal and courageous,
Pippin and Merry close, and curious freinds,
Legolas with his deadly bow, shooting arrows straight and true,
Gimli a stout, great hearted dwarf who made friends with the elves,
and Frodo who carries the haeviest burden of them all,the ring of power. He is what binds them, he is what bings them into the darkness and back, he is the keeper of the ring, he is its destroyer.
Nine bound by one,
Goood bound by evil,
Nine friends bound on a great quest.


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